20 kinds of people who can never be HAPPY in life

by Shreoshi Dutta

Twenty kinds of people who can never be happy in life:

1. People who overthink everything and worry too much.

2. People who won’t stop chasing after perfection.

3. Who are never ever satisfied with what they are and what they got. Those who keep wanting more, and more…and more!

4. People who are jealous of others.

5. People who are pessimistic and inherently negative.

6. People who constantly disrespect others.

7. People who devote to backbiting of others.

8. People who are not capable of doing anything independently and are always in need of others. People who are always afraid to go for what they want.

9. People who don’t work towards increasing the threshold of their own capabilities…they tend to regret it very much later!

10. People who are aimless and don’t have a passion.

11. People who don’t know when to let go. They’d rather stick around and keep chasing shadows.

12. People who always tend to remain in the past.

13. People who are socially isolated, and find no fun in being with others.

14. People with health issues.

15. People who easily turn aggressive in every little situation.

16. People who are frustrated in life.

17. People who are guilty for some bad thing they’d done in the past.

18. People who pray to God a lot …I mean a whole lot. Such people are very scared of their lives!

19. People who constantly criticize others!

20. People who don’t try to find the meaning of life by exploring themselves and their world.

One quick advice: Be happy!

You deserve it!


Shreoshi Dutta is a physiotherapy student in Delhi University.
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