6 things Nigerians don’t share


by Miz Tee

Nigerians can be very generous people but there is a limit to what we can share.

Here are 6 things that are very hard to get from a Nigerian person:

6. Perfume and Body Spray

“Nne, give me spray to spray na.”

“Biko I don’t share my scent.”

5. Mobile Phone

“Can I use your phone for a minute please?”

“Sorry my battery is dead.”

“But there is light.”

“You are looking for Whatsapp messages to read abi? So that you will now see that that guy I have been telling you won’t let me rest, that I am actually the one that has been begging him for d*ck, right?”

4. Apples

“What do you have in your fridge?”

“Don’t touch my apple, you can take paw-paw if you want!”

3. Data

“Can you turn on your Wi-Fi hotspot for me?”

“I have forgotten the password.”

2. Irish Spring

“I thought I saw you with Irish Spring just now.”

“No, you’ll find Dudu Osun in the basket.”

1. Boyfriend

“Girl, my boyfriend is not around, can you please let James come by the house to check my light circuit?”


Now your turn to add yours…

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