7 people describe how they had the WORST Valentine last year

by Miz Tee

Thinking you are having the worst of Valentine this year? Well, think again!

1. Jenny said:

My boyfriend left me on the evening three days before Valentine’s Day.

I ate well, slept well and didn’t feel sad at all.

Until the morning of Valentine’s Day. Was curled on the sofa, reading as usual, when this thought suddenly flashed into my mind that he’s really gone and not coming back.

Tears burst out.

Quick hot tears!

2. Andrew said:

I spent the entire Valentine’s Day picturing how my love is sleeping with her new boyfriend. I wanted to kill myself for assuming or getting into the details.

I wanted to stop thinking that way but I couldn’t. I felt sick and couldn’t recover until Monday when she replied that: “I don’t want to be the reason for your sleepless nights, I want to be the peace of your mind”.

I felt so much better after reading those words.

3. Paul said:

I reached out for my phone and started typing:

“I love you. Will you be my valentine?”

And then the next second, I erased the whole text just to write:

“Happy Valentine’s Day. :D”

I waited for her to reply and then when it came, it read as:

“Thank you. Did you know, I’ve got a valentine. He is so cute, smart, tall, handsome, blah, blah…”

Surely, the saddest thing to happen to someone on Valentine’s Day.

4. Lysa said:

I spent the entire Valentine’s Day stalking my ex’s Facebook page. Seeing all the photos of him and his new love he was posting, I couldn’t help but cry.

It was really heartbreaking.

5. Mark said:

For some reason, this time of the year seems to be a “disaster” for me. I’ve been seriously injured twice, had multiple family deaths including one really horrible one, lost jobs, etc.

So for me, “nothing” is a fine outcome.

The year before, I broke up with my girlfriend a bit before but as far as I am concerned that was a win, though it made for a lonely Valentine’s Day.

Fundamentally being together on February 14 would probably have meant having dinner, movie, and sex, all three of which would have been nice, but the shitty parts of our relationship would have still been there, waiting.

This year, I’m involved with someone else but didn’t want to push any Valentine’s Day stuff on her yet.

Pushing anything on her doesn’t work at all. So I went to my usual Saturday lesson and hung out with a friend for a while.

6. Jonathan said:

My girlfriend left me stranded 2 days ago. My parents are 2000 kms away. I don’t have much friends, especially in the place I live.

I woke up at 12 pm, brushed, smoked, played my guitar at full volume, smoked again, had some corn flakes for lunch, watched Gladiator a bit, downloaded some porn, fapped, smoked again, went to a nearby shop, had tea.

Went to a nearby stall, had a chat with a few people, ogled at some girls, smoked again.

Came back to my room, opened my laptop to download some more porn, drink whisky, smoke again, watch all those porns, fap again, then sleep peacefully.

Repeat tomorrow.

7. Justin said:

I got myself really drunk. It was raining so entered the rain and stood by my crush’s window and jerked off!
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