Do women easily fall for bad guys?

by Daniel Nkado

I don’t know why, but assumptions like this always make me laugh.

No, I do not think every woman falls for the bad guy — bad guy here meaning an adult male that falls under that lax cultural archetype used to define guys whose behavior and conduct are anything but gentlemanly.

People will fall for whoever they will fall for, and in most cases there is no strict structure to this. The people that will fall for bad guys will fall for them and those for nice guys will do the same.

As whole, thinking species, the scope of our choices and desires can be quite unlimited.

In fact, instead of saying that girls fall for bad guys, I like to think that women easily fall for new things.

I always say this: Our lives at any given period of time is a collection of all the things and experiences we yet do not have.

In this case, a woman currently dating a bad boy will more easily get swooned by the nice guy because it is an experience she yet do not have.

Same goes for the lady who has been dating ‘nice guys’ all her life and suddenly come upon a ‘bad guy’.

The attraction is therefore in the difference, spurred by our inherent thirst for variety, and not by anything else.

Even, the term ‘bad boy’ is such a small box to bundle a grown person into. People rarely act the same in all circumstances.

Those you know as bad boys might be someone else’s Mr Nicest, or Softest.

Those you call nice guys might be other people’s ‘Baddest Guy Ever Liveth.’

Opinions and judgement of character are almost always individual, personal and subjective, so always take note of this before you go thinking the reason that girl has rejected you is probably because you are not bad boy enough.

No one single person has a monopoly on attraction.

Every guy, whether bad or nice or in between, has been rejected by a potential mate more than once in their lifetime.

If you put this into consideration, you would then realize that it is much easier and simpler remaining you than feigning what you are not just to attract a mate.

The ones who will love you the way you are are everywhere and when they finally come to you, both your spirit and soul will be at peace because you have not attracted them with a lie!


Daniel Nkado is a Nigerian writer and storyteller. Some of his books can be found on DNB Store, OkadaBooks or BamBooks!

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