How do you like your fried plantains in Nigeria?

The importance of plantains in Nigerian cooking can never be overemphasized.

When ripe and fried, plantains can easily turn jollof rice to pure gold. Combined with beans, plantains are able to create mouth orgasms as well.

There has actually been a story of a robber who came into a home to rob only to discover someone was in the kitchen frying plantain. He requested to have the plantains first and that’s how the family got enough space to call the police on him.

NB: This was a Nigerian street story which was never confirmed.

Image: Jollof rice blessed with the goodness of fried plantains and fish.

The point is that fried plantain is not your regular side dish. Like the way fufu needs soup to be complete, there are lots of dishes that their power to impress depends solely on plantains.

When talking about fried plantains, there are preferences.

While some people like their plantains slightly ripe before being fried, others prefer very ripe ones.

What say you?

How do you like your fried plantains in Nigeria?





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