Is the ‘parasites in semen’ dating story true or false?

We highly doubt you have not heard the haunting story of ‘parasites in semen’.

Maybe you are one of the very few who have not. So here is the story.

The intelligent and beautiful young girl met a guy on Tinder (the dating app). They agreed to have a date.

The meeting went really nice. The guy was cute and funny and super handsome. After the date, the two decided to go get it that night. I mean why wait if the dots connect, right?

As expected, the sex turned out really amazing. Probably in the heat of the whole pleasure, the duo decided to add a little twist. She told the guy to ejaculate on her face.

The man quickly obeyed, splattering his warm ‘male fluid’ all over the girl’s face and neck. The two dispersed, feeling satisfied with all they had.

But a few days later, the girl developed a nasty rash both on her face and neck. Drowned in suspicion, she decided to visit a clinic. Her doctor informed her he has never seen an STD like this before, so he referred her to a specialist.

It was this specialist that revealed the truth. The girl’s rash was caused by parasites in the semen of his Tinder date. But there is another twist. These rare parasites can only be found in someone who has sex with animals or corpses.

This came as shocking to the girl. The fine man she had sex with looked too gentlemanly to be doing any of that. So, later that night, she looked him up on Facebook, and lo and behold, the man works in a morgue!


This story is enough to haunt anyone who has ever had a one night stand for the rest of their lives. But the good news is that all indications lead to one conclusion: this story is not TRUE.

This story is actually a revised edition of an age-old legend. Different forms of this tale have been in circulation on the internet since at least 2001. In one of the variants of the story, the guy was an ex and in another, the girl was a slut who has sex with random men.

The story is also a medical fallacy. There is no confirmation that there are parasites you pick from dead bodies that are sexually transmitted. Sleeping with a corpse can lead to contamination with germs but in this case, it will be the guy that will develop a rash, not the girl

The only two things to take away from this story that is 100% TRUE are:

a. It is unhealthy to sleep with animals or dead bodies

b. It is unhealthy to have unprotected sex with a stranger

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