Ola:The Tale of a Young Moon Maiden

Title: Ola – The Tale of a Young Moon Maiden

Genre: YA (African) Fantasy

Author: Daniel Nkado

Word Count: 100K+

Publication Status: E-book first published February 2014

Brief Synopsis:

Five witches will stop at nothing to see Odu fall …their only obstacle, a sixteen-year-old girl who has not the slightest idea of who she really is.

OLA is a story of Love, Friendship, Deceit and Forgiveness, told in simple African moonlight tales style.

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27 Comments on “Ola:The Tale of a Young Moon Maiden”

  1. I bet you wont stop reading until you get to the end,. Dan is more than just a rare author, he is also a gift to Africa

  2. Ola the story of the young moon maiden, is breath taking, interesting and indeed all the characters have one thing in common – life, written and painted in a way that you feel like you know them for real,. Danny, I salute your artistic prowess
    DEBBIE (bigoduni)

  3. Tantalizing African story…. Absorbing and engaging to the end…..totally impossible not to finish this one. I just love it!


  4. There r not enough words to describe this masterpiece as I call it. A good writer should be able to meet certain criterias for his story to be called wonderful, and Dan has proven to be not just a good writer, but a rare gem in the literary world. If you enjoy reading a good story, then u should grab this one……. Need I say more. Mz Oma

  5. This story was the bomb…. I felt LIFE, wen i read, d suspense kept me loging IN and OUT 2 graB sm fresh updates 2 quench my thirst caused by suspense……… Frm ur faithful reader….. IFECHI a.k.a Gen2jaynee(female oo)

  6. Its such a captivating story that would keep you glued to your seat. You won't get enough of it! The scenes are amazing. The characters are unique! Am sure you would enjoy it. Happy reading!!!
    Veronica(Vigorous V)

  7. Every other thing just has to wait when you are reading this story. A beautiful mix of african mythology and suspense so painful that just makes you hold your breath, you are sure to become Oliver Twist when after reading this. You will surely want some more. Aipee U. (Jjagz on nairaland)

  8. Ola. Is more than J̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊t̶̲̥̅̊. A book. Its.d happenings of Real life. ℓ̊‎​ salute d writer, he's great nd would b greater. Ola z. A story dat educates about. Purity in womanhood. From Hameenat94. Wish U̶̲̥̅̊ sucex

  9. typing plenty words will only under-exaggerate the story.
    Believe me, It's a story you dont wanna miss!
    As for me, I'm already re-reading the story from start.
    God bless you, Dan!

  10. All I can say is whaooooooo to the story of OLA. I stop doing anything until I finish reading it. i even got me queried because of it but I don't mind. DAN weldone. but please don't tell me OLa will die ooooo from the battle of Godsss plssssssss.

  11. I'm so sorry about your query, Bunmi.
    Ola2 is a tough sequel and it's coming your way soon. I just hope it won't mean another query o.
    Thanks for reading Ola, and enjoying it.

  12. Wao..ola is d most interesting story that i am in love with, i can't just compare any novel to it. U got to read it (profmaojo Nairaland)

  13. Gosh!!! This is such a masterpiece. Wow!!! I'm really impressed with this great work of art. I've been reading since yesterday and couldn't stop( I almost forgot to sleep)
    This is one of the best stories I've read in my life. Danwrites, you're one hell of a terrific writer. I wish you all the very best in your endeavors.

    Me likey some Boju for myself, very funny character. Will keep waiting for the continuation, and I really hope I can get a copy of the book when it comes out. Good luck Daniel.

    From Dolapo (Sexy Sapphire on NL)

  14. For those having issues opening the eBook on their devices,

    You can download BlueFire eReader from Google Play store if you are using an android device, or ePub Reader from Blackberry World for Blackberry phones.

    Adobe Digital Editions(Free download from Google Search) opens the file on PC.

    ePub files open perfectly on Iphones and similar Apple devices.

    Contact me if you still encounter problems, or you can simply opt for the PDF file.

    Thanks for purchasing Ola.
    Enjoy reading and please do not forget to drop a comment about the eBook.

  15. Thanks for this great gift Dan, i prefer the PDF, bigoduni[at]yahoo.com
    thanks for working on ur pic too.

  16. OMG! You are such a great writer mehn! I couldn'tstop myself till I had finished reading it, even when I had important things to do. I just couldn't believe I was reading a fictitious work coz the story kept playing in my head and mind. How fast can we get the sequel story on Okada books and I hope it's gonna be free too? *winks* Keep it up dude. I don't mind reading it o'er and o'er again………

  17. Thanks, Fissy.
    Ola2 will soon arrive Okadabooks and like the first book, it's going to go free for a while.

    Thanks once again for reading Ola. You can also rate and review the book on Okadabooks.

  18. Its not too late to indicate interest for free yet or is it? 🙁 Anyways biggy4lyfe[at]gmail.com if possible. PDF please

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