Snippets from Ola2: The Battle of Gods

Characters that returned…Ajulu, Efu, Dulu.
*Characters that got ‘enlarged’…Udoka, Dulu, Chuka.
*New characters…Uloma, Uzonna, Adaku, Anuli, Ichoku, Aja.

Journey? Yes
Mission? To find a cure.
Characters you may loose…Azu, Ola.
Characters that ‘revolved’…Nene.
My new best character… Onyema.

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6 Comments on “Snippets from Ola2: The Battle of Gods”

  1. Characters you may loose…Azu, Ola.

    Wow… The above line stirs up serious curiosity…

    Ola2 sure promises to be intriguing…..

    Can't wait…

    Drop it Dan….

  2. Hi dan…here z my email… gen2jaynee[at], i tink PDF wil b a better idea..tnx

    as for the character we may loose, and nene revolving….. Hope d suspense z nt goin 2 be ????? Only the gods knw!

  3. Danwrite… Plz I ffw d story frm d first sequel buh dnt knw d second has started already… How do I get to Read the parts you already removed from nl?
    Abeg consider d *lastmans*

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