Sunday Discussion – Your Most Interesting Nigerian/African Literary Character

Book characters always stand out.

Mostly the writer carefully winds this aura uncommonness round them. Character definition is pure craft.

The most interesting character I’ve read in a Nigerian or African work is Kambili in Chimamanda’s Purple Hibiscus.

Personally, Purple Hibiscus was a dull story. The pacing was sluggish and plotting near stagnant. But the vividness of Kambili, her absolute credibility, made the book well worth the read, unputdownable even. Chimamanda is masterful in characterization.

The most interesting character I’ve ever written is Nene in Ola – The Tale of a Young Moon Maiden. Ola is the main character but Nene has it for me. Not that she is that too complex a character- clearly Ola is much more complex with her gift and gloom- but there is something about the Nene character that made her so adorable, livable.

What do you have to say? What is the most interesting character you’ve ever read, or written about?

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