Do Not Expect Less!

Hello DNB Fam!

It’s a new week and we want to use this opportunity to wish you a productive week ahead.

Here are what to expect on DNB Stories this week:

Tommorrow, we are posting a short story titled The Perfect Gardener. It is the first short story to be posted on DNB Stories that was not written by a Nigerian African.

Can’t wait, right?

We too!

An article will come up on Wednesday as usual and on Thursday we will post the concluding chapters of our ongoing Chapter StoryLove and Other Things that Follow.

On Friday, we will anounce our decision on which chapter story that will go next from the three options we have.

Our posting plan has been updated, check here.

On DNB Stories, you should never expect LESS!

We want to use this opportunity to advise those that would like to submit something to us. To increase your chances of getting published on DNB Stories, you should consider sending us your material

DNB Stories will more likely approve stories that have not been published elsewhere before.

And, we want to also appeal to all our foreign readers to always drop a comment. DNB Stories publishes African stories, but is non-selective of audience.

There are many who are non-Africans, but enjoy African literature.

So, if you are English, American, French, Italian, etc and reads our stories, please tell us of your presence by dropping a comment.

You can also send us stories of an African experience, or your thoughts and observations.

Have a lovely week ahead, and for Nigerians, please remember to step out and vote.

It’s our right, let us exercise it.

Thank you, all.

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