Answers to some of your questions…

First of all, we’d like to appreciate everyone that has ever bothered to reach out to us.

Though, we always try to reply your messages immediately and privately, today we’d like to provide a few answers to the most common questions we keep receiving:

1. Why are stories not updated regularly as before?

As well as writing and editing stories for posting on our blog, we frequently get booked on external editorial jobs too. Because we are still very few, there is always a slow-down when we take on a number of external jobs. But we can’t possibly be turning down offers; our survival depends on them.

So, even though we might not be updating stories as regularly as we used to do in the past, we must assure you all that all stories started on DNB must be completed on DNB.

We have so many upcoming titles in our story bank to serve generations yet unborn so you absolutely have no need to worry.

However, while waiting for new updates, you can simply kindly check our store HERE and order some of our completed titles.

2. Why are you now posting other kinds of content instead of just African stories?

Okay. When we started, we were all just about stories and fiction. A huge percentage of our readers are still lovers of African literature.

But at that time, we were more localized. Our starting audience came from Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and South Africa.

But over time this trend began to shift. When the big giant, Google, found some trust on us, they began sending us more global traffic.

These days we have alongside our bulk of African audience, readers from the United States, Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, Iceland, India, etc.

This meant we had to incorporate more global content in order to fully accommodate them.

3. Why is my approved submission not yet published on DNB Stories?

This case is similar to the first question. When an editor is working on a submission and a new job comes in, he may have to pause on the submission and start on the paid job immediately. This is because most of the jobs we accept comes with a deadline. And the last thing we want is having a dissatisfied customer screaming down our still juvenile pillars.

But the truth remains that as long as we have approved your story, it must eventually be posted. As far as DNB Submissions go, a delay does not mean a denial.

You can also help us by making sure that your submission is well revised and organized before sending to us. That way, if it eventually gets approved, less time will be spent on it.


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4. Why did DNB Stories stop interacting with readers like they used to do?

This gives us guilt pangs. Really. The truth is that there is nothing we cherish more than we do our readers. But admittedly over the past few months our interaction with you guys has taken a somewhat decline.

To this we say we are truly sorry. We are already making plans for something in this regard which will soon be unveiled. So always stay connected.

Also, we must extend special gratitude to the few readers who still always finds time to comment despite.

Honorable personalities like Sir Iyke, Lisa Ephraim, Chidinma Grace, Coded Baby, Nwosu Adaeze, Diane Rose, Mrs Ujunwa, Everlyn Rockin, Madam Ozzy, Judith Chinyere, Nekky B, NinaMary, Andrew Ifeatu Jennifer, Queen Ellah, Linda Amaka, etc., we want to say that we deeply appreciate your support.

5. Why won’t DNB Stories just release eBooks of ongoing stories for people to buy?

Since the very beginning, our policy has been: “Show it on DNB first before putting it up for sale.”

Because of how fundamental this particular principle is to us, it cannot easily be changed.
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However, you can always easily purchase any of our completed stories through our direct store or OkadaBooks.

6. Is there any way I can be of help to the growth of DNB Stories?

Visiting our blog every day is enough reason we should be profoundly grateful to you.

If you then go on to share our posts, comment under them, buy our eBooks, tell friends and family about us or donate to us, then you would have touched a special spot in our hearts.

At that point we leave everything we are doing, scream out loud, shiver and then release!


These are the common questions we receive. Please remember you can contact us any day and time by simply filling the Contact Form on our blog.

Either Gloria, Victor or Dan will reply your message right away.

Alternatively, you can write to Daniel personally at

You can read this post anytime in our About Page.

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