Help Us Decide!

Shout out to all DNB readers!

Something great is coming to DNB next month and we need you to help us DECIDE!

As you may have guessed, our ongoing Chapter StoryLove and Other Things that Follow is gradually coming to an end.

Currently, we have three Chapter Stories vying for Next Month’s spot.

Here is a glimpse of all 3 of them for you to help us decide which will come first.

Just type the name of the story you want as a comment.


Genre: Romantic Comedy

Blurb: A young doctor meets an unusual village girl. He felt amused at first, but soon discovers he’d grown helplessly attached.


Genre: Romantic Suspense

Blurb: They are young and in love, till doors to secrets of the past come swinging open.


Genre: African Fantasy

Blurb: A great warrior has to make a journey to a dangerous land in search of a cure. He must return home in 7 days or loose his wife in labor.
And now we await your decision!

Note that you can only pick one story. The story selected the most will be started on DNB as soon as Love and Other Things that Follow ends.

Visit HERE to see how you can send stories to us.

If you have been reading DNB Stories, please make sure to always drop a comment. It tells us of your presence.

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18 Comments on “Help Us Decide!”

  1. I pick 3. It is been long i read something African from u. D first sounds like Mma storyline. So i will go with 3.

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