10 Most Memorable DNB Characters of 2015! [Pictures]

by Victor Uma

DNB Stories is all about powerful stories and there’s no better contributor to the magical aura in our stories than the extraordinary characters described in them.

This is top ten DNB characters of 2015 you shouldn’t forget in a hurry!

10. Margaret Okeledu

In the flash story—Sparkle—Margaret had all DNB readers gaping with shock, or something close. We even received several messages asking us to please take the story down, or have it rewritten!

9. Sister Kate

In Temiloluwa’s story—Sister Kate and Her Wandering Mind—the titular narrator had us all swathed in amusement with her honesty and unique narrative style.

8. Adaeze Ilonna

Dubbed DNB’s Most Brilliant, Adaeze from the on-going DNB Chapter storyEntangled— exudes confidence, intelligence and love.

7. Obinna

In Something Bigger Than Love, Obinna stood out with his admirable personality, perseverance and selflessness.

6. Ngeli

The fearless warrior maiden that accompanied Ebubedike to the dangerous land of sand and dust in Ebubedike and the Desertlings of Uforo takes our Number 6 spot.

5. Aunty Lucinda

The two DNB short storiesAunty Lucinda and Aunty Lucinda’s Wedding describes the unique life and style of DNB’s most uncommon lady—Aunty Lucinda.

4. Madam Eunice

The character of Madam Eunice ‘slayed’ in DNB’s Grace Abounds with her supreme class, sophistication and charm.

3. Ajulu

Though she is not the witch queen, Ajulu is the witch in Ola—The Tale of a Young Moon Maiden that you dare not forget in a hurry!

2. Nwamma

At our Number 2 spot is no other than the unforgettable Nwamma in DNB’s The Village Girl. With her excellent sense of discernment and signature village-girl English, Nwamma is everything entertainment ought to be!

1. Georgina Ochiabuto

Who better takes on our Number 1 spot than DNB’s most conspicuous roommate? With her vivacious personality, Georgina has turned from just an ordinary fictional character to an attitude!

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  1. Geo should have shown us her bald head!
    All are beau to behold!
    Hoping to see us all and beautiful faces come 2016!

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