Daniel Nkado: Differences Between a Writer and a Storyteller!

by Daniel Nkado

Many days ago, someone asked me on Facebook why I choose to call myself a storyteller and not a writer.

He seeks to know if there is any difference.

I promised him I’d give him my answer right here on the blog.

Before I go on, you should know that DNB Stories which I happen to be the founder is all about STORIES and not much else.

Now to answer my dear friend’s query, here are some of the differences between a writer and a storyteller.

1. Writers think and think, write and write, and erase and erase. A storyteller would pick something from his/her story basket [whatever it should be called], sits down to share with his/her audience.

2. Writers aim to impress. Storytellers aim to entertain.

3. Writers concern themselves with things like “form” and “vocabulary” and “grammar”. Storytellers do not know the rules.

4. Writers can kill you with their words. Storytellers will create a bloodthirsty demon; a werewolf, or a scary witch and send them after you.

5. Writers love to tell you all that happened. Storytellers will tell you only the things they want you to know.

6. Writers love and do a lot of big words, and often want to teach. Storytellers want to learn your language and tell you his story in it.

7. Writers put so much of themselves into their writing. Storytellers prefer to tell other people’s stories.

8. Writers transform reality to fiction. Storytellers transform fantasy to reality.

9. Writers do a lot of research. Storytellers do a lot of imagination.

10. Writers are very patient beings. Storytellers fight boredom all the time.

11. Writers have no problem spending three paragraphs describing and describing. Storytellers aren’t fully sure what paragraphs are.

12. Writers desperately seek to please their superiors. Storytellers seek only to please their audience.

13. Writers often tend to think no one else can do what they do. Storytellers know there are many like them all over the world.

14. Writers watch their words all the time. Storytellers watch their audience instead.

15. While reading a writer’s work, you will get fascinated by the beauty of the words. But when reading a storyteller’s work, you’d be too occupied to notice.

16. For a writer, every experience is a cue. Storytellers can see and hear the unreal.

17. Writers go to many schools. Storytellers go to many worlds.

I would love to see your comments, agreeing or conflicting—bring them on!

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10 Comments on “Daniel Nkado: Differences Between a Writer and a Storyteller!”

  1. Agreed o! But where did our roommates go to? I hope it's worth d wait when it will come back?

  2. i am not sure i totally agree with all the points..Some i agree with though…But it kinda seems to me that u don't think highly of "story-tellers" i just feel both writers and story tellers have stories to tell…they just choose different means of expression…i don't think there's such a huge gap between them both…just what i feel…But some of the points are thought-provoking..anyone can be both…you can decide to write of tell a story…Either way, you are passing a message across

  3. A good storyteller knows intuitively which details of a story to include and which to edit, how to structure the tale, how detailed the descriptions of each event should be, and the importance of subtlety, explicitness, and sparse explanations. A good storyteller knows about pacing and characterisation.

    A good writer understands the mechanics of language. They will comprehend grammar, spelling, syntax etc. They will select the most effective words and phrases to describe scenes, people and events.

  4. First time commenting (i just had to). I totally agree. Been wondering which i was. Heck, the whole trouble of finding the right words, constructing the perfect sentence and all that technical stuff practically bring tears to my eyes. I tried it and i just had to "let it gooooo…let it gooooo". Seriously…i love the life of a storyteller-turning fantasies to realities. The thrill of being able to conjure something out of thin air…makes you feel like a magician or something…the joy of making the impossible possible, living a dream on paper…no rules, no roles…you're just……..free. Don't mind me pls, i talk alot. Love you DNB writers (hope i won't be exchanged for suya for using that term)

  5. I love DNB stories. I'm new here, i'm so happy because i saw myself in your description of a writer. I'm never tired of thinking and thinking, writing and writing, erasing, correcting, squeezing and tearing. I worry a lot about my vocabulary, i try to do some research which most times keeps me waiting for sometime and i have to be patient cause i dont want my readers to be confused, i watch my words a lot cause i dont want to displease my readers. One thing leads to the other, just how many of them can i mention……. I'm out of breathe…….Thank you DNB.

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