5 Best Essay Writing Services for College and University Students 

A student’s life is rarely easy and fun. We see all those movies and TV series about students who become friends and rivals, enjoy parties and compete to be the queens and kings of their alma mater. Yet, the reality is grey and sometimes even ugly: constant loads of essay work make us sit for hours staring at texts we rarely want to write. 

I graduated from a university to get a Master’s degree and became the Master of angry expressions because of stress. Paper writing services were the #1 choice whenever all professors thought it would be 100% okay to give students an essay per lecture. Hence, I had to test and research all the writing services to ensure my results were appreciable. So, here are five helpful and legit essay writing services, given my experience: 

  1. PaperHelp — Best for Literally Anything 
  2. CheapPaperWriting — Best for Affordable Yet Comprehensive Essay Help Regularly
  3. EvolutionWriters — Best for Fact-Checked Essay Papers 
  4. MyAdmissionEssay — Best for Fast Admission Essay Help 
  5. Essay Assist — Best for 100% A-Worthy Papers in Emergencies 
Service Why best? Help offered Prices 
PaperHelp The #1 among paper writing services. It will be your best writing service regardless of your academic situation. It deserves an undebatable 10/10 for its deadline compliance, accuracy, and swiftness. Essays, term papers, homework help, research papers, dissertation, etc. Minimum $12 
CheapPaperWritingThe cheapest college essay writers are here. They do not compromise quality, regardless of the price. This best essay service is still accurate and gives you profound materials. Essay papers, research papers, reports, scientific articles, homework help (including exact sciences), etc. Minimum $12 
EvolutionWritersThat one is great for their amazing essays that demand research and fact-checking and complex assignments that need a lot of energy. It also provides comprehensive term paper help. All custom college papers, assignments, term papers, research papers, etc. Minimum $11 
MyAdmissionEssayThat is the #1 for admission papers, but it also does a great job with regular essays, HW help, personal statements, term papers, and other tasks. Essay writing, editing, and correction; assignment, HW, term paper, research paper, and thesis assistance. Minimum $11
EssayAssist This best essay writing service saves students in emergencies. They write 100% original papers even if you give them an insanely short deadline. Essays, research, coursework, term papers, reaction papers, and other tasks. Minimum $12 

Diving Deeper: What Makes a Top Custom Writing Service? 

College essay writers are not always diligent. They might be lazier than many students who hate their specialization. Still, every essay writing company will yell how it is the sole hub of college essay writers who can help you better than another essay writer service. Do not fall for banners and promises! Here are the necessary checks to conduct if you want to write essays using the top essay writing service

  • Writing quality. Any custom writing service must provide texts with zero grammatical, punctuational, and logical flaws. Moreover, every text must be clear and structured, contributing to good grades.
  • The best essay writers. A legitimate essay writing service hires college essay writers using a mad hiring funnel that many people cannot undergo. I recommend being attentive to pages like “About us” or “Who we are” to see if this essay writing company is transparent about its hiring process. 
  • Cheapness, not even affordability. A custom essay writing service can be expensive, but it must never be like that. Students rarely have extra $$$ to spend on paper writing services, even if that is the legendary most reliable college or university paper sale. A realistic and practical academic essay writing service will not demand much from a student. Moreover, there must be loyalty programs and perks for those who use this academic essay writing service regularly. 
  • Deadline compliance. Even the most affordable essay writing service must NEVER BE LATE. That is crucial when you need last minute essay writing help. But overall, timeliness is never odd. 
  • Posted guarantees and documents. That is a green flag, ensuring you are protected as a customer. A legitimate essay writing service is always 100% transparent and explains how this and that principle works. 

Unfolding the List: The Best Writing Services Online in Details 

Here are the best and most legit writing services I tested while studying. Every essay writing company on the list suited me when I was getting my BA and MA. Here we go! 

1. PaperHelp — Best for Literally Anything 

PaperHelp is the #1 fav of students and helps them comprehensively

PaperHelp is the flagship, queen, and Master of all the best essay writing websites because this one website deals with: 

  • All tasks 
  • Of any capacity 
  • Of any complexity 
  • And regardless of your academic level. 

Moreover, PaperHelp remains the best essay help hub regardless of its affordability. Of course, some other legit essay writing services might be cheaper. Yet, PaperHelp’s work costs like a couple of pizzas. And believe me, you will spend way more on antidepressants if you neglect to delegate useless academic papers to professionals. 

PaperHelp has an open list of its helpers. Most of them have already worked at essay writing services. They might be former instructors and professors or tutors who combine their work with being cheap essay writers. In addition, PaperHelp is the top essay writing service that has many testimonials you can find on different platforms, including Reddit. 

Overall, it is a challenge to find better college essay writers. Let me make a brief recap of the positives for you: 

  • It is a great last-minute essay-writing service that can be your constant helper; 
  • Not the cheapest essay-writing service, but it is still cheap;
  • That is a very accountable online essay writing service that never misses deadlines; 
  • It deals with all academic tasks; 
  • Also, it has free samples. 

Yet, even being the #1 academic paper service, PaperHelp still has negatives. So, do not neglect that: 

  • PaperHelp is not generous regarding discounts. Well, its help is cheap, and essay writers cannot work for $3. 
  • Urgent help requests skyrocket in price because the team is still 100% diligent in writing your last-minute task. 

2. CheapPaperWriting — Best for Affordable Yet Comprehensive Essay Help Regularly

CheapPaperWriting is a reliable paper-writing site that gives you free stuff

That is my personal favorite for various reasons. Even though the first described option is versatile and can carry you through all academic challenges, I still remember how CheapPaperWriting specialists have helped me finish university. Essay buyers note how these helpers offer universal solutions and can assist students with any discipline. CheapPaper essay writers usually have many competencies, making them amazing fits for assignments you have to submit to different professors. 

It is stunning to see how one writer sustains the same tone to ensure that no person will get suspicious if that is you writing the paper. Also, CheapPaper is, well, cheap — and that is not a mere logo. They have a comprehensive loyalty program that lets you order more for the same sum, and students highlight that they love it (including me in the past). Hence, that is an amazing option if you want to stick to one essay writing website. 

HW departments also focus on various disciplines, from physics to literature. I have never met a rude or silent helper. They are all very nice and friendly and are okay with explaining some stuff or offering free materials to study. It is inclusive too, which might be significant for some students. For instance, they have many non-binary workers whose life experience adds A LOT to a problematic essay. 

High time for strengths and weaknesses! Starting with what students win

  • Cheap papers, objectively; 
  • 100% done papers you can submit instantly; 
  • Free stuff like title pages, references, and other components that have standards and do not require research; 
  • Great and non-judgmental writers; 
  • The best loyalty program. 

Still, the losses

  • CheapPaper has an immense pool of customers; sometimes, your fav writer might be unavailable; 
  • Urgent orders are still pricey, and there are 0 things all contact signers can do about that. 

3. EvolutionWriters — Best for Fact-Checked Essay Papers 

EvolutionWriters is the #1 for complex assignments requiring research

Evolution is among the cheapest essay writing services for high school, but it becomes pricier for college and university assignments. Here is a contrast: CheapPaperwriting prices for college start at $14 per page, while Evolution asks for $16. That is still appropriate, but Evolution might not be your best choice for regular assignments. 

If your grades are an inch away from making you leave college/uni, EvolutionWriters might be the sole paper provider who gives you an A++ essay that saves your academic performance. It is the wisest option when students deal with complex things like essays that demand research. Of course, a one-time purchase might cost you more than $50, but the research depth is worth it. 

Pros-cons time! Yet again, positives students get: 

  • That is a fantastic option when you have to submit a paper that influences your overall result. Hence, it is a practical choice for research papers, term papers, and other big projects;
  • 10/10 deadline compliance; 
  • Their logic and structuring are a pure masterpiece; 
  • Many brilliant helpers. 

The negatives come: 

  • It is not the cheapest essay writing hub; 
  • It might never be the best urgent essay service because of prices and its obligation to write profound papers (so, their research takes more time). 

4. MyAdmissionEssay — Best for Fast Admission Essay Help 

MyAdmissionEssay is a versatile option even though it specializes in essays

MyAdmission is another affordable essay service that is cheaper than the previous option. It is also an objectively reliable essay writing service that may help with weekly cumbersome tasks and common challenges. They also offer various freebies, but I haven’t gotten any because I used to prioritize other online paper writing services. 

Nevertheless, MyAdmissionEssay helped me six times, and each order was A-worthy. I must highlight that this service is the #1 for essay typing and editing, as those services are the cheapest and give you positive results. 

It can be your main service or an alternative for specific services — each choice is wise. Here comes a recap of opportunities and dangers, starting with the positives

  • Great technical paper assistance when you need essay typing, editing, and enhancements overall; 
  • Nice HW help; 
  • Another 10/10 academic essay service for research assignments; 
  • Affordable, even though not the cheapest. 

Yeah, the negatives

  • Not the cheapest; 
  • Some users note there might be a couple of typos; I have never had that, but ensure you re-read all materials you get. 

5. EssayAssist — Best for 100% A-Worthy Papers in Emergencies

EssayAssist is your best helper for urgent tasks

EssayAssist might seem like another average paper writing helper with mediocre prices regarding students’ comfort. Yet, its prices remain cheap when you want urgent assistance! While other urgent custom writing services charge you $30-40 per PAGE when you are close to deadlines, EssayAssist is okay with helping you for like $55 for the WHOLE task. 

EssayAssist exists primarily for essay writing and HW solving, but it can be your finest pick for complex tasks like dissertation parts. It also has accurate and neat editing and proofreading services that might be necessary for emergencies. 

I used it eight times for editing and proofreading, while other students I was friends with solely used it for essay writing. All those students got maximum grades and were happy overall with their results. 

By the way, another noticeable and appreciable positive of this choice is free samples! EssayAssist posts new custom papers right on the website, and those are extra papers, not students’ orders. Those materials are 100% useful when you want to follow structuring, APA or MLA formatting, and other rules but have no exemplary texts. 

Wins here: 

  • That is the best option for emergencies; 
  • Good for systemic HW help; 
  • Fact-checked, deep, and solution-offering essays; 
  • Good prices. 

Losses though: 

  • Admission papers will not be cheap; 
  • Even though there are free templates, there might be zero materials for a discipline you need. 


What are the best essay writer websites when I need regular help? 

The best essay writer websites for regular help are PaperHelp, CheapPaperWriting, and MyAdmissionEssay. University and college essay writers there are very friendly and work for cheap. Plus, all the mentioned essays websites have been in the marketplace for years. 

Where can I find the best essay writers for narrative papers? 

EssayAssist offers 10/10 narrative essay help, but CheapPaper and PaperHelp will also give you amazing essay writers. All the mentioned top essay writing service options are good for a narrative essay, but EvolutionWriters might be pricey. 

Where can I find essay writing service reviews? 

Essay writing service reviews are accumulated in opinion hubs like Reddit, Sitejabber, and TrustPilot. Yet, Internet essay writing service reviews might be messy and have many objections that lack balance. I recommend asking students with experience about those services and combining their comments with what you see on the Internet. 

Am I cheating by using essay writing sites? 

Using essay writing sites MIGHT BE CONSIDERED CHEATING! But objectively, it has zero things to do with neglecting academic principles. I see using essay writing sites as hiring a tutor who helps you comprehend a topic better. You get materials from them and can pinpoint facts to fill the knowledge gaps. Still, I do not recommend mentioning that you use essay writer websites. 

Can writing services online make mistakes? 

Yes, which is unfortunate. It is never odd to read what you have got from essay services. As a rule, EvolutionWriters, CheapPaper, and PaperHelp never let a letter slip. They give you 100% done papers with zero grammatical, punctuational, logical, and other flaws. Nevertheless, re-read. 

Final Words 

A legitimate essay writing service is a savior when you have to deal with academic challenges. Moreover, the essay service options presented are cheap. They have helped me a ton — and they might help you! 

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