11 Things Every African Businessperson Must Know!

by Staff writer

Forget everything you hear in the news or read in foreign magazines, Africa is not a stretch of languishing land.

Yes, there is poverty, poor infrastructure, insecurity, fantastically corrupt leaders and the rest of them here, but before you pack those bags to run away, be sure that your flight is taking you all the way straight to heaven!

Yes!—otherwise, you pretty much are still going to meet all these things wherever you will land.

There are a lot of problems here in Africa, but for every business person what comes to fore are opportunities.

Every problem is a potential opportunity in Africa!

If you are ready and willing to do business in Africa, here are 10 very important things you must know!

1. Relationships are very crucial.

In this uneven land of dust and rain, trust is very expensive! Your honesty and cordiality will always draw customers like a magnet!

2. African consumers are not very conservative with spending

But there is one thing—you have to know how to click their buttons first. Your shop attitude can make or mar you.

3. You must appeal to your customers.


In every possible way! If you are a 60-year-old woman, please think twice before going into that phones and mobile accessories business!

4. Don’t just sell, SERVE!

Buy your customer a bottle of Coke [from his money, of course] and offer to carry his purchases to the car.

5. Brand loyalty is high here.

And you must know that brands are killed much more easier than they are made!

6. You are corrupt until proven otherwise!

…after a series of tough examinations you probably don’t even know was being conducted.

7. Foreigners have more money.

Once you have gone abroad, you are rich!

8. New [strange] things are highly appreciated.

Ask those in church business. Africans like magic a lot.

“How come people are not falling down in this church?”

“Mtscheew! Nobody even vomited a lizard!”

“You will never see me here again.”
9. Poor people have more market preferences!

…so don’t assume that cheaper is always better; durability is often the koko.

10. E-mail ke? Please send me a text!

11. Local is still the best, especially when it comes to food items!

Oya drop your own!

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