Love Story: Dorcas’s Dream – 2

by Daniel Nkado


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‘Answer me, you this Igbo girl!’ Mummy Kafayat screamed again. ‘Is this how you live where you come from?!’

‘No, Ma,’ Dorcas managed to utter. ‘I’m sorry, Ma,’ she added, very quietly, though all she ever wanted to do was pluck Mummy Kafayat’s large glasses off her face and crush them on the floor.

‘What are you looking at?’

Dorcas shuddered. She dropped her handbag and opened the door.

‘And where do you think you are going?’

‘To pick the broom.’

Mummy Kafayat said nothing else.

Dorcas was still sweeping when Mummy Kafayat came into the room again.

‘Eh, I’m going out, make sure this place is spotless before I return.’

‘Okay,’ Dorcas said. ‘When are you returning, Ma?’

‘Why are you asking?’

‘Nothing, just that it is getting late and you may not see bus back to Ota again.’

‘And who told you I’m leaving today?’

‘You are not leaving today?’

‘You want to drive me away so that you start feeding my son with germs again, ori e o daa!’

Dorcas turned away, starting to sweep again.


About fifteen minutes later, the door swung open again.

Dorcas threw off a silent hiss before turning.

But it wasn’t who she expected.

It was Femi instead.

‘You are back?’ he said, looking slightly surprised.

She frowned. ‘Did you see your mother?’

‘Mummy came?’

‘Mummy and everything her came.’

Femi almost smiled. ‘She’s been tormenting you, I guess?’

‘Femi, talk to your mother. I don’t know how much longer I can endure her.’

‘She is old and archaic, forget her.’

‘No! You keep saying that but really it isn’t fair. She always finds things to complain about.’

‘She complains about everybody so can we not ever be like her?’

‘We have to talk about her!’

‘Like now?’

‘Now, Femi, now!’

Femi glanced down on himself. ‘Okay, but I’m sweaty and getting really hard, so?’

‘Femi, your sex bribery isn’t going to work on me this time, do you hear that?’


Before Dorcas could say another word, Femi’s tennis shorts had slipped down to the floor.

Beholding her husband’s fit naked self, Dorcas discovered he wasn’t really getting hard. He was hard already.

Very hard.

His black and heavy whip shot out into the air, like a thrown fist.

Dorcas turned away immediately. She started sweeping on the TV screen instead.

Femi smiled. ‘I thought the broom is meant for the floor?’ he said, coming closer.

Dorcas wanted to say something but discovered she’d lost her voice.

She kept swallowing instead.

He gripped her from behind. ‘I need you right now, dear. Please.’

Dorcas could feel his bare hardness pushing strongly at her.

She turned to him at once. ‘I guess your mother can wait, right?’ she said, her voice almost a gasp.

Femi tore his shirt away and sucked in Dorcas’s lips into his.

While he ate her lips, his hands worked quickly to get the buttons of her blouse free.

He lifted her and set her down on the sofa.

Burying his head between her legs, the door swung open.

Oluwa o! This children will not kill me before my time!’


Femi, naked and disappointed, stared at his mother. ‘Maami, why are you still there?’ he asked her. ‘Do you want to join us?’

Olorun maje!’ Mummy Kafayat ran away.

She would later ask her son, ‘Who taught you how to do that?’

‘Do what, Maami?’

Mummy Kafayat wrinkled her nose. ‘Hmm. No wonder she doesn’t clean the house!’



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  1. What kind of woman is this bikonu? Biko board the next available bus to Ota mbok. Dnb this display picture sha, I see am o.

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