The Truth About What Really Happens After Death!

by Murray Robinson

We already know what happens at death.

We lose consciousness, our brains die and can’t be restarted and it’s over. It’s just that some of us don’t want to believe this is true.

My mother died tragically when I was 18 and a lot of people told me she was still alive in the spirit realm to make me feel better. I investigated this carefully. I read widely about it. I made friends with university occultists and Christians and went to prayer services and seances.

I watched people cast spells and opened myself to god. For a little while I believed that my dead mother had sent me a message. Then I overheard a friend admit that he had faked the message in the seance to make me feel better. It was all like this. All fakery, self delusion and wishful thinking.

You just need to be strong and accept the truth that there is no after life over the comfortable delusion that there is.

I am not claiming that I can prove that there is no afterlife. I am simply saying that it’s a big claim and needs solid evidence before I can believe in it. If it was true then there should be lots of communication from the dead to the living but there is no evidence of any. Instead there is lots of evidence of people fooling themselves and others with fakery.

Some people say that reports of Near Death Experiences show that there is life after death but medical researchers have been able to repeatedly create near death experiences in people who are not dying.

This is compelling evidence that Near Death Experiences happen in a living brain that is shutting down and not something that happens after the brain has ceased to function.

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