Daniel Nkado: Art is an Imperfect Thing!

by Daniel Nkado

There is this thick sophistication that is attached to literature and writing that I find very inedible.

As if writers, artists generally are no longer human. Do not bathe naked.

Do not breathe through the nose.

Do not sing loud rubbish when inside the bathroom.

Do not moan during sex! Do not shit!

Do not make mistakes.

Art is not a perfect thing.

There is no such thing as a perfect story, or book, or movie, or song!

There is, however, that story you enjoyed very much.

That movie you cannot stop watching.

That song you can’t stop listening to!

That drawing, or painting, you wish you were…

Even in the so-called classics, there are still slips here and there.

There are mistakes. There are bound to be.

And that’s what makes art ART—the power to create something appealing [at least to one individual] from a pile of nothing, through a process very less than tidy.

So next time you push out those harsh criticisms, know that art is only a matter of perception.

You don’t like it, but there is someone who does. Doesn’t matter even if it is only the maker…

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