10 honest truths about life

by Aishwarya Singh

10 things about life that are unbelievably true…

1. Life is unpredictable

One second can make you go from “my life is the best” to “nothing could be worse”. Things should be taken easy.

2. Mom is always right

Mothers somehow just know everything. If at first you don’t succeed, try doing it the way mom told you to in the beginning.

3. Books are the best friends you can have

The joy of reading books can’t be described in words. It’s something that you understand only by real experience.

4. Trust nobody, share nothing

If you cannot keep your secret, how can you expect others to do the same. You must know what to share and what not to. A right decision can save you a lot of trouble.

5. Do not depend on people

You need to be independent in life. Believe in yourself. Make yourself a priority. At the end of the day, you’re your longest commitment.

6. Everyone lies

At some point in life, (maybe for the good), we all have lied.

7. Nobody stays forever

People will leave. You’ll loose connection. In the end, you’ll be a wanderer in solitude.

8. Everything happens for a reason

The break-up made you stronger, failure showed you the flaws, the ups and downs made you what you are today. Things don’t always go as planned, learn to accept and then adapt.

9. All that glitters is not gold

The comments with the maximum number of likes are not always the best. The most celebrated individuals are not always the best. Expensive does not always equate quality. Sometimes, a better solution to what you seek lies deep in that abandoned pile of rubble.

10. DNB books are addictive.

Very very addictive. Especially the Love Stories.

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