12 simple things that will surprisingly make you happy

by Nivedita Shrivastava

Happiness is extremely inexpensive.

Real happiness comes from tiny little things…well, for me, that is.

Here are 12 simple things that can give you real happiness:

1. Rain

Just step out and play in it. Dance in it. You can drag a gang of little naughty kids to give you company, or you can drag your husband along or boyfriend or whoever.

There is nothing as magical as feeling those pure drops of water touching your face — the feeling is totally divine!

It is my opinion that rain is God’s way of showing us how much he loves us!

2. Spend sometime alone

Go somewhere quiet, bright and green. Feel that beautiful wind and lovely elements of nature.

3. Get a puppy and play with him

Patting and cuddling a cute furry fellow can bring real joy.

4. Go on a beautiful romantic picnic

5. Read an amazing novel and get totally lost in it

6. Take a road trip

A long drive through a lonely path always feels amazing.

7. Take a day off and pamper yourself

You can go crazy shopping or enjoy a perfect spa day.

8. Make a surprise “Godzilla” kind of feast for the whole family

Feed everyone. Show your culinary skills and snatch away all the appreciation and love and blessings from all the elders.

9. Play with a baby

Nothing can make you happier than a beaming smiling face of an infant.

11. Go mad with your close friends

12. Help someone

Help someone who wouldn’t be expecting anything from you. It can be something as little as wishing them a happy birthday.


I’m an always curious, nocturnal human being who is far away from the madding crowd and yah, I love to read.

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