Crab bites woman’s vagina at beach thinking it was an oyster

by Staff writer

A 28-year-old Singaporean woman who decided to sunbathe naked at Changi Beach has received a laceration to her vagina after she was bitten by a crab, Sunday Register reports.

A marine biologist who commented on the case claims that the crab – likely to have been a horn-eyed ghost crab – may have confused the woman’s genitals with an oyster, which is part of their natural diet.

According to reports by local media, the incident occurred in the afternoon when the beach was largely deserted.

The woman, along with two of her female friends, decided it was a good opportunity to sunbathe nude – an act that is illegal in Singapore.

Despite flaunting the law, the group of women told reporters that they sometimes sunbathe nude in order to get a full body tan – but only when there are no other beach-goers within sight.

“We had been on the beach for about 15 minutes, and I had just fallen asleep,” said one of the girls involved.

“I was waken up by my friend screaming that something had bitten her, and looking down we were shocked to see a crab hanging off her lower body.”

The 28-year-old’s friends both helped to remove the crab, and they provided immediate first aid until medical help could arrive.

“We were both a bit embarrassed because of the location of the injury, but we put that out of our mind to help our friend.”

The girls told reporters that they were worried that the crab’s pincers could have contained poison, so they took turns to suck out the venom from the wound.

“We weren’t sure if that type of crab is poisonous, but just to be on the safe side we thought we’d better clean the wound.”

The woman was soon treated for the bite and is expected to make a full recovery with minimal scarring thanks to the quick actions of her friends.

However, the psychological impact of being bitten on the genitals by a crab is likely to last for some time.

“We have advised her to not go sunbathing in the nude in future,” said one of the medical team that treated her.

A leading marine biologist interviewed about the case pointed out that the most likely cause for the crab biting the woman’s vagina was that it may have mistaken it for an oyster.

Oysters are a typical item in the diet of a crab

“In many ways, both in visual appearance and smell, the female genitals are very similar to oysters and other molluscs. Horn-eyed ghost crabs are usually very shy and don’t approach humans unless threatened, so the obvious conclusion is a case of mistaken identity.”

The injured girl’s friends have been commended for the assistance they provided and the maturity that they showed when dealing with the incident. “While the pincers of a crab are not typically venomous, they can cause an allergic reaction in some people if they are bitten in sensitive areas, particularly the genitals,” said the marine biologist.

“The injured girl is lucky her friends were on hand to provide assistance.”


DNB reporters could not effectively ascertain the credibility of this story.

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