“How I found out my wife was cheating”

by Phil Samson

I found out about my wife’s cheating in the most unusual way.

One night my wife came home from being with friends at the school where she is a nurse.

She complained of having tachycardia.

I thought at the time this was unusual, and I asked her what she had to drink or eat.

She told me she had drank Red Bull and I believed the caffeine in it would have caused her symptoms.

She is also a type I diabetic, but she did take good care of herself.

At approximately 5 a.m. in the morning I awoke to the sound of her vomiting into the toilet. She told me she felt like she was going to die and that I should take her to the hospital.

When we arrived, her blood pressure was extremely low — turned out she was going into septic shock.

Within 24 hours she needed to be intubated. At that time I had her cell phone with me. She had a best friend at her school named Ann.

Later that day Ann called.

She had a very deep voice.

Turned out “Ann” was short for Anthony, the music teacher in the school. 

Eventually she left the hospital almost like nothing happened. We worked through the infidelity and promised to make things better. 

My wife never apologized for her affair, but she blamed her mother for it.

What can I say, it is what she told me.

According to her, her mother supposedly told her to do this — my mother-in-law is a marriage therapist.

She never thought I made enough money, or was good enough for her daughter.

My wife did not speak to her mother for a year or two. It was the most peaceful part of our marriage, except that this woman kept trying all avenues to get back into her daughter’s life.

My daughter was born during this peaceful period.

But once my mother-in-law came back into our lives, it was a straight downhill from there.

But I can’t give up as I have a young daughter that loves both of her parents.

I came from a divorced family myself and so, against my better judgement, I took a big chance.

Even though I know that once someone cheats and you take them back, they sort of lose some respect for you.

Kind of like what happens when a kid tests you.

Of course there is no fast and hard rule; human beings can be unpredictable.

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