Authors’ Haven: Nominate your favorite writers

Gone are the days when one needs a publisher to publish and/or even sell their books.

This is the era of self-publishing and the news is exceptionally great for writers who wish to stay independent, or those who are not able to find a publisher.

With self-published titles making bestseller lists these days, there is no reason why writers with the desire and resources to self-publish shouldn’t do so.

However, the process of self-publishing still requires a lot of dedication and hard work.

DNB Author’s Haven is meant to celebrate independent authors who are able to take the leap and get their works out there.

So this is how it is going to work:

1. You nominate a book by an independent author that you read and felt really proud of.
2. Authors with highest number of mentions will be contacted for a full, personalized feature and interview.

3. To nominate a book, just write the book title and author’s name as a comment under this post.

4. As an author or reader, you can share this post to your audience or friends for them to nominate you.

This is an opportunity for a pan-African exposure at absolutely no cost.

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