The woman who has up to 180 orgasms in just two HOURS!

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30-year-old mother of one, Cara Anaya-Carlis endures up to six hours of sexual arousal a day.

She has suffered from persistent genital arousal disorder for three years.

Cara said the incurable condition is ‘ruining her life’ as she cannot leave the house or work.

According to her, she suddenly developed the condition while in the supermarket one day shopping for groceries.

She’d tried taking cold showers and changing her diet, but nothing seems to work.

Cara and husband, Tony

Mrs Anaya-Carlis, who has a 10-year-old son Merrick with her husband Tony, endures up to six hours of sexual arousal a day and once had more than 180 orgasms in just two hours.

Cara Anaya-Carlis, 30, from Arizona said the rare condition which causes intense waves of pleasure is ‘ruining her life’ as she is now house-bound and cannot work.

She was diagnosed with persistent genital arousal disorder three years ago and became reclusive after having spontaneous orgasms in the supermarket, at her son’s school and even in the playground!

Mrs Anaya-Carlis now avoids being in open spaces and is too embarrassed to tell a potential employer about her condition.

Cara Anaya-Carlis suffers from persistent genital arousal disorder

‘It is embarrassing and confusing and humiliating,’ she said.

‘When you are around children you feel like a pervert because you have all these really strong feelings rushing through your body at the same time.

‘So if imagine you can’t help out in class or go on school trips because the kids don’t understand, the parents don’t understand.

‘Even doing the school run is a worry because the arousal will build and build and I just have to stay in the car until it is over or try and mask it.

‘It has devastated my involvement in my son’s life because I feel too dirty to be a part of it. We want him to be a normal kid but at the same time he can’t have friends around because mom has this condition.

‘The worst thing is I can’t explain it to him because he’s still too young.’

Cara and her son

Cara said she developed the condition suddenly while grocery shopping three years ago.

Walking through the store she suddenly found herself aroused by everything she saw, smelt and touched.

Dr David Goldmeier, an expert on sexual medicine at Imperial College in London said: ‘Persistent genital arousal disorder is a newly recognised condition, where the sufferer complains of long periods of genital arousal that are not associated with sexual desire.

‘PGAD sufferers experience intrusive, unsolicited and spontaneous genital arousal that can be unrelenting.

This arousal can persist for hours, days or even longer.

‘This can be highly distressing for a woman and despite attempts to relieve it with sexual activity or orgasm, this often doesn’t help or can worsen the symptoms.

‘Spontaneous genital arousal is quite common but it’s those women who can’t control the arousal which is uncommon.

‘I see around 20 women a year with this condition; it may be as common as one in 100 we just don’t know.

‘Sometimes it may resolve on its own, there is no cure but there are a number of ways to manage the symptoms such as meditation and pelvic floor exercises along with pain medication for the patient.’

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