Before you take that blue pill…READ

by Dr. Maurice Okeke (MBBS)

One question sexually active men frequently ask – how can I last longer in bed?

Both old, middle-aged and young men seem to be facing performance pressure and some may have considered using Viagra, or the so-called blue pill. Some have even tried prescribed remedies like food, physical exercise, pelvic floor exercises, therapies and the likes.

There have been stories of local medicines made from natural boiled leaves, herbs and shrubs that reportedly guaranteed prolonged and satisfying sexual performance in men.

Personally, I wonder if women are faced with these sexual performance pressures as much as men do. In my professional experience, I believe men are most predisposed to performance pressures as opposed to women.

Causes of low sexual performance can be multifactorial, including differences in the anatomy and physiology of male and female sexual organs and the differences in job descriptions – for instance, long distance driving and other physically challenging tasks are commonly done by the male folks.

Alcohol and smoking is relatively higher in men than in women also.

All these factors can invariably affect sexual performance in men by altering the normal body physiology.

Causes of Weak Erection and Early Ejaculation in Men

Erection is a complex process that involves the brain and pelvic nerves, emotion, hormones, muscles and blood vessels.

The thick rush of blood that fills up the veins of the penis is the primary thing that keeps an erection. The male must be emotionally attuned to the sexual form to elicit a wave of information sent to the higher centers of the brain.

The resultant effect is a dynamic response that involves hormones, nerves and blood vessels to bring about the physical changes that will be seen by the individual.

A combination of physical and psychological issues can result in poor sexual performance and they include:

1. Poor sleep

Not getting enough sleep can lead to poor sexual performance. Most clients will observe a sudden improvement in their sexual performances during the weekends because they are having better rest and sleep.

2. Weight gain

The sudden increase in body fat especially in the trunk/sacral areas ultimately impair the functionality of the nerves and blood vessels in these areas.

3. Hypertension and heart disease

Clogged blood vessels — called atherosclerosis — occurs when bas fat deposits on blood vessels and limit the flow of blood.

4. Alcohol and substance abuse

5. Certain medications

6. Diabetes and metabolic syndrome

Increased blood glucose as seen in diabetics affect nerves and blood vessels. This greatly affects performance.

7. Pelvic surgeries and injuries

8. Anxiety and emotional stress

It is absolutely normal to have weak erection sometimes but sexual performance pressure can further exacerbate the symptoms. The more anxious you become about it, the worse the condition gets.

9. Depression and compatibility issues

Sex is a physical exercise and attraction is key to performance. The psychological arousal needs to match the biological changes for a perfect physical body response.

Before you consider pills –

1. Limit intake of alcohol and other stimulants

2. Try to lose weight

3. Get enough rest

4. Do not overthink it. Talk to your partner about your concerns and do not be anxious.

5. Take healthy foods rich is essential vitamins and limit intake of saturated oils and trans-fats.

6. Limit intake of processed sugars and control your blood glucose

7. Take regular visits to your physician for proper body checks

In conclusion, do not be too quick to pop that blue pill which can further complicate your symptoms over time.

I will be happy to discuss your concerns with you.

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