Scientists discover ‘faceless’ fish in ocean deep

by Staff writer

A group of Australian scientists studying unfamiliar parts of the ocean have discovered a fish without a face.

The fish was spotted during the scientists’ expedition near Australia’s eastern seaboard, 2.5 miles below the ocean surface.

It doesn’t have any eyes, and its mouth is underneath its body, giving it the appearance of not having a face.

The “faceless” fish

The team of Australian government scientists studying these unexplored areas of the ocean uses nets, sonar, and deep-sea cameras to identify many new species.

Several thousand specimens ranging from bright red spiky rock crabs, coffinfish, blind sea spiders, and deep-sea eels were also retrieved by the scientists.

The “faceless” fish that the crew found has two spots on its head that could be nostrils.

It’s reminiscent of the barreleye fish, another creature found deep in the ocean, which has nostrils that look like eyes

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