They say this little girl’s hair cannot be combed but Nigerians disagree!

by Staff writer

According to news reports, 7-year-old Shilah Yin is one of only around 100 people in the world with a rare condition called “uncombable hair syndrome”.

Instead of downwards, her hair grows out from the scalp in multiple directions, and can’t be combed flat.


Shilah, from Melbourne, Australia, was born with normal hair, but her parents noticed a strawberry blond fuzz growing on her scalp when she was 3 months old.

From then on, her hair started growing straight out and became even blonder.

The girl noticed her unusual hair when she was about 4, after it started getting a lot of attention from other children and adults.

It made her feel uneasy at first, but after her parents told her it was special, she embraced her unique look.


However many Nigerians seem not to buy the idea that a condition of sort exists.

“Abeg send the girl to Nigeria and let Iya Aisha make her nice pateewo or kiko packing or woonuola [all Nigerian hairstyles], and see if she will not like it!”
said Facebook user Oladipupo Oluwashayo.

Blaq Khad says: “Why must every little thing be made a syndrome. Use strong rubber band or a head band, or stretch the hair with a flat iron period!”
Dhorkars Ogundeji:

“I tire for this white people…every small thing na syndrome for their side. If ozone hair relaxer handle that hair, I swear, it will sleep down right away or better still come to Nigeria to buy the black rubber thread and do #kiko style for her and her hair will stretch sharp sharp. Syndrome ko…Sandra ni.”

Uzo Ella:

“No be only uncombable hair syndrome…they never see better dada!”

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