The meanest countries on social media

by Staff writer

Cyberbullying and cyberharassment has become so common, especially among teenagers, that many groups now advise people to stay off the social media if they want to be happy.

From data collected both in-house and externally, here is our list of top 10 meanest countries on social media:

10. France

Paul says: The French can be so unfriendly. I think the main reason for their meanness is their lack of English. I mean seeing that everybody is choosing to communicate in English these days than French makes room for some bitterness.

9. South Korea

Yates says: South Korea is without a doubt the rudest, most racist country towards both foreigner tourists and expats. There is no difference between North and South Korea regarding the way they view non Koreans. They have a unique culture and 5000 years of history and believe that they’re superior to all other humans. Sadly all Koreans are indoctrinated to cherish their pure bloodlines. Westerners are treated slightly better than dark-skinned peoples but if you’re not Korean you’re a ‘barbarian’.

8. Philippines

SL says: Filipinos are the rudest people I have ever met. I am of English and Portuguese descent, and I had a couple of really nasty encounters with them. Even out of their turf, like in Lisbon and London they are so fake and rude. All they want is money, like they have no soul.

7. US

Corda says: Americans are very rude; they’ve got few manners and talk about money and religion all the time.

6. Australia

Andrew says: Australia by far is the most arrogant, aggressive, abusive, rude and soul-less people in the world. From the moment you hop off the plane, you will experience their total lack of care for their fellow human beings. I have lived here for 36 years and traveled to 20 different countries. Try driving in a major Australian city. The horn is only used in aggression after the event. The amount of times I have been threatened with violence and sometimes even assaulted just minding my own business is countless.

And amusing enough is the fact that everyone thinks Australia is a paradise!

5. China

Edelman says: China has the rudest people by far! Maybe travelers don’t notice it but leave the nice hotel you are in, have a day off and interact with the polite translator or try to learn Mandarin and you will find that they are really truly the rudest, most blunt, coarse, crude, morally uneducated, impolite people you will ever meet.

They will completely ignore your presence and start a conversation with the person you are talking to. They are dishonest, rudely push their way through a crowd to get to the front of a line and they never say please or thank you and really mean it.

They will quite frankly ask you why you are not rich, so fat, ugly, stinky, or poorly dressed. They will tell you, not ask you to do something such as “turn your cell phone to silent!” or “call the other government office number!” or “go to our website!” etc!

4. South Africa

Ros says: Beware of interacting with people of this country, especially if you are Indian.

3. Zimbabwe

Bee says: I get it, right? Nobody has been through what they’ve been through and still remain friendly, right?

2. India

Abhijay says: I am an Indian and I agree that Indian people are really rude, and not just to tourists. We Indians are rude to each other too. In many parts of the country, untouchability is still practiced. It’s just our nature. However I try to be as friendly as I can, especially to tourists and I am not saying that all the Indians are rude but many are.

1. Nigeria

Alex says: People of this country only smile with you if they can get something from you. They offer to help you but then immediately demand money, a big amount.


One thing to note: These comments are mainly deduced from personal experiences of people.

There are mean and nice people everywhere and no one country is completely inhabited by the soft and friendly.

That said: A lot of people we contacted mentioned people from Bangladesh, Canada, Israel, Iran, New Zealand and Costa Rica as some of the friendliest people they’ve met.

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