I’m straight but crave affection from my male friends…

by Seeker

I don’t know the best way to put this into words, because I really haven’t talked to anyone about it.

I’m a straight guy in my early 20s and ever since I can remember I’ve craved hugs from my male friends. Not all of them, just the ones I truly connect with.

It’s so hard to sum up why.

It’s not any sexual at all, but it’s entirely emotional.

When a good friend, one who I connect with not just mentally but also emotionally, hugs me, it’s like magic. Nothing to be compared to when embraced by a woman.

There is this sudden and strange feeling of safety. Even though I’ve been on high alert, never at rest, constantly on the move and battling life’s challenges, and under perpetual stress, but in that moment when I’m hugged, nothing else matters.

I’m warm, and safe, and finally at rest, in the embrace of a friend who really cares and doesn’t want anything else from me in that moment.

And I feel loved and accepted on a level that kind of defies description.

Maybe the best way to describe it is I feel secure in my friendship and my friend’s affection for me.

To be totally honest, I don’t just want a hug, it’s like I want to be held.

But I can never talk about it. I used to have a friend who could tell just by looking at me when I needed a hug like that and would pull me in for one, no questions asked, but he’s gone now, and I’ve got a feeling most other straight guys don’t really feel the same way, or wouldn’t even understand what I’m saying.

Maybe I’ve got a loose screw somewhere.

I don’t know.

It’s just kind of seems lonely feeling this way.

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8 Comments on “I’m straight but crave affection from my male friends…”

  1. You’re just a human being. Our society destroys men by encouraging aggression and coldness. You are healthy and well adjusted.
    Congrats bro

  2. We live in a society where gender discrimination has made our minds twit & has really been a huge setback for many… Imagine living in a world where you as a guy cant… Exhibit any cold feelings or character as they tend to tag you been queer… They say you must be bold strong at all times, you mustnt like some colours even if you truly do cause they say it's been gay,they say you must never hug a guy or tell a guy you love him, you must cook or be neat as a guy as been neat they say is feminine, they say you should be unkept and disorganised as that portraits a musculine tendencies, but see in all this many has lived their lives with this mindset and allowing it take hold of their lives & shape their lives which has also made them to alwalys want to speak against anyone who portraits or exhibits this characters… But in the real sense most of them are just living their lives and don't even have clue on what people think about all this but in the other hands I'd say the most of them who tend to want to alwalys pin point this characteristics in people and make them feel guilt are the once struggling with their sexuality so they do all this to make people and also convince themselves that they straight but the truth is they really struggling with their sexuality and would really be cool or come out open if we had a well structured & accommodating society… So lets stop the hate & discrimination I bet you,we live freely with one mind just as we meant too. So my advice to you don't feel bad about this emotions probably you more relaxing & accommodating with your name friends and might just be a way to make you feel accepted & loved.. Maybe you shy coming that close to the opposite as they might see it as weakness in you so bro just don't feel bad about this the most important thing is having a friend who understands you in this manner. Safe

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