Gloria Ezeh: I finally found THE ONE!

by Gloria Ezeh

The warm feelings of love have finally entered my heart and I’m happy about it.

It happened yesterday.

I went to the nearby supermarket to shop for a few essentials. By the end of two hours, I was tired of walking from aisle to aisle.

Suddenly my eyes fell on something amazing.

I saw the special one. There was a sudden shift in gravity. My heart fluttered with happiness and I couldn’t control my emotions.

The only possible term which could explain this phenomenon was love.

Right there and then it instantly occurred to me this is the bae I have been searching for for so long!

Do you want to have a look at my bae?


Yes, it’s a bowl of choco cream. I ate it all in just a few minutes.

It felt blissful. The orgasm was so explosive I stayed in the toilet for more than three hours.

Don’t you just love my bae?

Well, good thing is, unlike you stingy hoarders out there, I’m very generous with my bae and always willing to share!

Bae is non-diary and non-fattening, so no need to bother about getting pregnant!


Gloria Ezeh is a senior editor at DNB Stories.

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