Am I living with a narcissist?

by Maria

I am very sure I’m living with a narcissist.

He is my child’s father, and my little girl is my life, but I can’t wait to get away from him!

Most of the symptoms and/or descriptions of narcissistic personality disorder fit him perfectly.

He is so aggressive with every comment I make that he disagrees with, and then here come the insults and degrading comments about me, my life, my personality.

And when I try to get him to see that it was not right for him to say the things that he said, he tells me he was only defending himself from my attack, so another way of meaning that it is my fault.

He has also lied about countless of things, and claims that everybody loves him.

I can’t help but wonder how “they” would feel if he dated their niece, their daughter, or their best friend.

He twists everything I say or do, and makes up stories about whatever I said or did, and looks at me in the eye telling me they happened, or I said them.

He tells me how horrible I am as a person all of the time, and believes that everybody else before in his personal relationships did him wrong, and are the only ones to blame for those relationships’ ending.

The worst part is that he has poisoned his older son’s mind, and the kid talks about his own mom, who takes care of him full time, with no respect.

He has also told this kid that I am mistreating him, so my relationship with him suffered and now the kid thinks I am a bad person, when I have always treated him so well. Just like I treat my daughter.

He has told everybody in his family and friends’ circle lies about me, so nobody reaches out to me, and I am completely isolated.

He hates my dog, whom I had for several years before I met him and is part of my family, and has harassed me about it for three years now, telling me to get rid of her, and then denying he is doing so and telling his son that he has no problems with the dog whenever he comes to visit.

It is so unsettling…I do not want my child to grow up with him! He has absolutely no empathy, and prides himself in being a tough guy.

He believes he is the best musician ever, and that he has not made it big because of other people in his life, that always gave him problems and did not support him.

He takes no criticism about his music, and no ideas, and does not want to play with anybody because, he says, he doesn’t want to have to deal with anybody else’s feelings, and he can do everything so well, that he doesn’t need anybody else.

I am really worried.

Any conversation I try to have with him ends up with me raising my voice because he doesn’t let me get any word out, and lately he is even laughing at me while I try to get the words out.

He is very cruel, and very aggressive, verbally and emotionally abusive, but would NEVER consider there is any issue going on with him, so there is now way to help him.

I have finally decided to not engage anymore, and let him blame me for whatever he wants to blame me for.

I have made my decision.

I will not stay in this relationship a second longer than necessary.

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