The day my penis embarrassed me at the hospital

by Mr Will Taylor

I already had a daughter with my first wife, and was getting very serious with my girlfriend (hadn’t popped the question, yet, but was seriously considering it).

She said that she never wanted to have children, because the world was overcrowded as is.

So, I talked to my doctor about a vasectomy. He gave me some brochures, a little talk, and told me to think it over.

Two weeks later, I’m lying in the doctor’s office, getting ready to be snipped and clipped.

A mild local anesthetic is administered (very local, he accidentally touched my dinky with a pointy device and I jumped), and he starts doing his thing.

About halfway through the procedure, his attending nurse slips in the door to ask if he needs assistance.

She just happened to be the hottest person I have ever set eyes on.

Wavy blonde hair, legs for days, green eyes that can see into your soul. My little soldier started standing up.

I didn’t dare move as Doc had all sorts of pointy-cutty devices with him, and I wasn’t sure where they were positioned at the time.

I just lay there, trying to imagine guns and tanks and monster trucks and explosions and every war movie I’d ever seen.

No help there! The soldier continued to rise.

And rise!

And rise!

Nurse Nancy, that was her name, chuckled and said, “Thank you.”

Then, she calmly walked over to me, made a fist, like she was going to snap her fingers, and WHAM!

She snapped her finger right on the flap of skin between my dick and balls. Yeah, it hurt, very badly, and the little soldier immediately went back to sleep.

Doc chuckled, Nurse Nancy chuckled, and he went back to his work.


Will Taylor is a former Mad Scientist/Gene Splicer at Umbrella Corporation (1990-2016).

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