5 things I let go of that surprisingly changed my LIFE

by Laze Maze

At 27, here are 5 things that I let go of that surprisingly turned my life around:

1. My Religion:

I am an Atheist now, and I can honestly say that this has made everything in my life so simple and logical.

2. Meat:

Animal rights and I understood the pain of murdering animals for the taste. It’s very inhumane.

3. People who don’t respect me and my choices:

From friends to family members, anyone who has ever emotionally tortured me before and didn’t respect me has been discarded from my life.

4. My Comfort Level:

I now go to the gym most days of the week, and has started doing all my chores by myself.

5. Cigarettes:

Though I never used to be a heavy smoker, but now I don’t even touch it. I even preach to people to stop smoking.


Laze Maze was born in India, raised in Nepal and now married to a British.

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