Pastor commands church members to buy him his fourth private jet

by Staff writer

So, apparently, it is not only in Africa that supposed “men of God” rip off their members to dryness.

American pastor/televangelist Jesse Duplantis has just asked his church members to buy him a new private jet — his fourth one!

According to the 68-year-old American man of God, if Jesus was to descend from heaven today, He would not be riding on the back of a donkey.

“He’d be on an airplane preaching the Gospel all over the world, ” Duplantis told his followers.

The plane the pastor is asking his members to buy (a Falcon 7X manufactured by Dassault Aviation SA) costs just about $54 million.

Duplantis has drawn condemnation from critics all over America since the news broke out.

News media say this is not the first time Duplantis has been in the news for something like this.

All of his previous jets were paid for with cash drummed up from followers.

“We believe in God for a brand new Falcon 7X so we can go anywhere in the world one stop,” Duplantis told his followers.

The video posted on March 21 carefully mixed the Gospel with a few insights into the economics of international aviation.

“Now people say . . . can’t you go with this one?” he said, pointing to a picture of the plane he uses.

“Yes, but I can’t go it one-stop. And if I can do it one stop, I can fly it for a lot cheaper, because I have my own fuel farm. And that’s what’s been a blessing of the Lord.”

Duplantis hasn’t responded to questions from reporters who want to know how many private jets he intends to own in a lifetime.

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