How to stop your child from becoming an atheist

by Al Klein

Responding to a parent who is concerned about her child becoming an atheist and looking for ways to effectively stop this from happening, American engineer, Al Klein, wrote down this tips:

“Your child was born not believing in any god, so what you mean is what is the best way to convert your child to your religion, and make sure he never leaves it.

1. If you’re Christian, NEVER allow your child to really read the Bible.

Reading the Bible is one of the largest causes of atheism.

If you actually take out time to read it, you start to question it. And then you start to question your faith. And before long you start to question the entire religion thing.

2. Indoctrinate your child into your religion from before the time he or she is old enough to remember – say by the age of 2-1⁄2 at the latest.

Bible nursery, then Bible school, all that stuff, where only the glamorous stories about your religion are told.

3. Instill an absolute dread of burning in hell forever if your child ever thinks of leaving Christianity.

Not being a Christian should be as unthinkable as being without lungs. One just absolutely cannot live unless one has lungs and one is a Christian.

And if you’re asked about atheists, tell the child that they really do believe in God, they’re just pretending not to because they’re stupid.

In the end you’d have only raised a robot who is quite incapable of thinking rationally and standing up for him or herself, but who cares — so long as you saved your child’s soul!”

Disclaimer: These tips do not absolutely mean that your child would never find out the truth; remember this is the era of easy communication and finding knowledge and answers has never been easier!


Al Klein is a broadcast engineer, electronic communications equipment designer, programmer and systems developer!

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