Internet troll asking if there are cars in Nigeria gets hilarious replies

by Staff writer

Getting asked ridiculous questions online about what Africa has and don’t have is nothing new.

But this might as well be an all-time high!

Posting on the popular question-and-answer forum Quora, someone really wanted to know if there are cars in Nigeria.

Of course Nigerians, being the good and kind people they are, were quick to provide him with an answer.

“There used to be cars in Nigeria until the year 2002 when the Nigerian government sat down to enact a law that changed everything,” writes Soogun Omoniyi.

“They had found out that the amount of pollution created by these machines was becoming unbearable. When our scientists traveled to the Nigerian Ozone layer, they discovered it was going to cave in. They had to preserve our civilization from the dangerous incoming rays!”

Omoniyi continued:

“This was how the leaders came together and decided to ban the highly dangerous cars in the Fall Of The Machines bill.

“To them, they had even used one stone to kill many birds. Apart from stopping the depletion of our ozone layer, people could now do some exercise and walk to work. This would reduce the alarming rate of obesity in our country.”

Responding to the same question, Brai Malik who holds a Ph.D in Sociology from Obafemi Awolowo University wrote:

“Cars? I do not think there are cars in Nigeria as I am yet to see one. Nigerians commute to work daily by ‘walking’. Indeed, our legs are strong, very, very strong and are highly adapted for ‘walking’.”

“What are cars?” writes Emmanuel.

“I’m currently sitting on a tree, outside my hut and just stumbled upon this post via my stone-age technology. I use donkeys to traverse my forest and I know only birds and witches ever fly!”

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