A woman opens doors – Special Story

by Staff writer

On the first day of their marriage, a husband and his wife reached a decision that they would not open their doors for anyone.

A week later, the husband’s parents came by to visit.

The couple remained behind their door and looked at each other. The husband wanted to open the door, but since they had an agreement he did not, so his parents left.

The following week, the wife’s parents came.

Again, standing behind the door the husband and the wife looked at each other.

Even though they had an agreement, the wife with tears in her eyes whispered, I can’t do this to my parents, and she went ahead and opened the door.

The husband did not say anything and the wife’s parents came in.

Years passed and the couple had three boys and the fourth child was a girl.

The father planned a very big party for the new-born baby girl, and invited everyone over.

Later that night as the party ended, his wife asked him what was the reason for such a big celebration for this baby while he did not do so for the others.

The husband simply replied, “Because she is the one who will always open the door for me!”

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