Advantages and disadvantages of going freelance

by Staff writer

Freelancing seems to be the new thing nowadays, and why there are obviously dozens of benefits that come with working on your own, there are just as many detriments as well.

A. Major benefits of going freelance include:

1. Freedom

Freelancers enjoy a flexible work schedule, choosing when, where and whom to work for.

2. Unlimited earning potential

With freelancing, there is no fixed salary structure you are held to. A freelancer can make in a day what a full-time employee earns in a month.

3. Satisfaction from pursuing your passion

For freelancers, it is not always about the money.

4. No office politics

You can wear what you want. There is no mean boss to answer to and no annual performance reviews to fret over.

B. Major disadvantages of going freelance:

1. Loneliness

There is that tendency to feel isolated, working all by yourself. No one to back you up if you’re ever sick or injured.

2. Non-regulated work time

You are often working on and off the clock with no paid time off, or maternity/paternity leave.

3. Inconsistent work and cash flow

The reality of every freelancer. Some months you are overwhelmed with work and barely have time for yourself while some you are barely able to land one successful gig.

4. The stress of juggling multiple clients

Instead of having one boss, you have several clients to answer to.


Are you a freelancer, or considering becoming one?

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