7 things more painful than childbirth

by Staff writer

You might think childbirth is the most painful thing to experience in life, but you are wrong.

There are so many things more painful and agonizing than childbirth.

Here are some of them:

1. Severe burns

Severe burn injuries are not just painful, they are traumatic. Unlike a woman in labor with the knowledge that relief will come once the baby is out, a burn sufferer has to live with the psychological trauma of the condition all their life.

2. Trigeminal neuralgia

Also known as Fothergill’s disease, this is a neuropathic disorder caused by inflammation of the trigeminal nerve located in the head, and from the eye down to the jaw.

Doctors are often at a loss for the most suitable adjective to describe the pain of this condition. A lot of people actually opt for committing suicide than bearing this pain.

3. Depression

The mental pain caused by major depressive disorder can be so agonizing that people completely lose all hope in living. It’s like waking up every day without your own skin.

4. Toothache

A severe toothache comes with a burning fever and earache, and something as little as opening your mouth could make you regret being alive.

5. Losing a loved one

Unlike childbirth that could end in a joyous reward, the loss of a loved could keep you up from sleep for weeks or months, and even after when completely over the grief, a little trigger can send the pain flooding right back to you.

6. Kidney stones

A doctor once told the story of her sister who had experienced both kidney stones and childbirth and when she was asked which was more painful, immediately replied, “Kidney stones, absolutely!”

7. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

This is a pain condition that usually results when an injury, instead of healing, blossoms into an uncontrollable pain.

According to one doctor, the pain experienced by patients suffering from this condition can be so sharp and debilitating that they ask that the entire body part be amputated instead.

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