If God punished Eve with painful childbirth, why do animals feel pain too?

by Staff writer

According to the Bible, a woman’s pain during childbirth is part of the suffering brought into the world through sin.

As a direct result of the original sin, Adam, Eve, and the serpent were all cursed in one way or another.

Genesis 3:16 lists one of the judgments for Eve’s sin as pain in childbirth:

“I will make your pains in childbearing very severe; with painful labor you will give birth to children.”

Now since God punished Eve with painful childbirth because of her disobedience, why then do animals feel pain during childbirth too?

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6 Comments on “If God punished Eve with painful childbirth, why do animals feel pain too?”

    1. The Bible tells us in Genesis 3:16 that God will greatly multiply our sorrow and our conception
      we have to understand that pain was already there before punishment it’s just that God multiplied
      -The pain of childbirth would be more than before the punishment.

      So even animals experience pain yes, but not as much as us women
      Also we can’t understand the level of pain cats undergo because we are not them.

      God the creator of all humans and animals understands best because it is Him who put pains it’s just that that of women is more than animals as proved in the Bible.

      For the animals , it is not written if they undergo much pain or not.( _we can’t prove what is not written_ )

  1. Their sin led to a fallen world. Diseases weren’t part of the punishment or is it? Yet, we have so many troubles everywhere. Everything on earth was affected.

    1. 1 John 5:19 give answer to ur question .although the wages of sin is death but about punishment from God abeg check James 1:13 .God bless

  2. Well, God said that He will INCREASE her pains during childbirth. Evidently, pain would already have been present had she given birth at that time, just because of the size of the newborn baby, but God made the pains worse when she did give birth (to Cain, then Abel) after the Fall. I don’t know if animals feel as much pain at childbirth as a women, I don’t know.

    Anyway, that’s the story.

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