7 notable ways your life changes when you move to a big city

by Staff writer

To a good number of people, the thought of moving to a big city comes with great excitement.

But, usually, there is a less-than-idealistic experience in the move from rural living to urban life.

Here are some of the things to expect when moving to a big city:

1. Expect to work more

Life in the big city can be very expensive. Yes, you may earn more, but keep in mind your job might be more demanding and your salary will purchase far less than you expect. Food, rent and transportation are almost always more expensive in the big cities than what you get in smaller towns.

2. Constant noise

City life can be busy and quite noisy. There are more vehicles on the roads, music playing, people talking, sirens blaring, trains screeching — all creating a cacophony of different sounds.

3. You will become more fashion-conscious

The latest fashion trends are introduced first to a nation’s urban centers. There will be many shops, adverts and billboards, leading to a greater influence in one’s fashion and style choices.

4. More diversity

Life in the big city is invariably more diverse. Unlike in small towns where residents are relatively homogeneous, in the big city you get to meet people from different tribes, cultures and nationality.

5. Busy road and traffic

Driving in a big city is more complicated. City drivers must navigate constant road congestion, traffic and far more complicated road ways to get to their destination. Most times even finding a parking space could prove insanely burdensome. Furthermore, while purchasing a car costs about the same in both rural and urban areas, the cost of owning a car will go up substantially in a big city due to the cost of parking, insurance and other levies.

6. Pollution

Big cities are absolutely full of health risks. To give just one example: Air pollution from higher vehicle traffic in cities has been associated with higher incidence of lung cancer. Long-term city dwellers are generally at greater risk of lung cancer diagnosis.

7. Poor interaction with nature

Unlike in rural dwellings where you wake up to the squeak and screech of all sorts of animals every morning, in the big city you may go months without seeing a free-living wild animal. City dwellers looking to observe nature must have to constantly visit nature parks and zoos.

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