6 things you can do now that will change your life forever

by Aaron Welch

Ever wondered what you can do now that will change your life forever?

These are six things I wished I had known at 23, or even 33 for that matter:

1. Save money

Minimize your spending. If you don’t need it don’t buy it. I cannot stress this one enough.

2. Travel cheap and often

Traveling is harder as you go from only you to bringing a family. Now might be the best period to do all the traveling you want.

3. Don’t get caught up in useless drama

The girl or guy you are with now may or may not be the one for you, so don’t get all twisted emotionally over something that was never going to work in the first place.

4. Find out WHO you are

Not what you do, not what you are, or where you want to be. It took me way too long to realize who I am and what I want out of life. Explore and push your boundaries.

Try new things and learn what you like. Meet new people, challenge your own beliefs and understanding, walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, and then share your knowledge with others. Become YOU.

5. Worry less about failing

Try shit, fail, and get back up and try again. You are still young and “failing” now is the best education you can get.

6. Fuck what people think about you

Some people won’t like you, some people will hate you, and some will actually hope to see you dead. Don’t get caught up in trying to make everyone happy, because it is an impossible task. Build a close network of people you trust and be mindful of their view from the outside looking in.

Sometimes the people we love know us better than ourselves.


Aaron Welch is the CEO of Geek Ventures, LLC.

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