This is exactly why you look slimmer in black clothes

by Staff writer

Almost everyone knows that black clothes make you look thinner.

But exactly how does this work?

Of course, it’s not like black color is an instant fat burner.

It’s an optical illusion thing.

The way our eyes make out bulges on a body is largely due to lighting effects. We can see that someone has a bulging belly because lighting cues give away the contours.

The same is true for wrinkles – we see them because of lighting patterns. Wearing black reduces these lighting cues, and the bulging belly isn’t as obvious to the eye; nor are the wrinkles.

Some actresses have said that in order not to look too thin, costume designers asked them to pad their breasts in scenes where they were going to be wearing black or be in dim lighting.

Our eyes really do see dark objects as (slightly) smaller, but this effect is obviously limited. If you are looking at someone in silhouette, side on, wearing black will make no difference to how fat they look.

And yes, black can make you seem a little thinner, but that doesn’t mean it can work miracles.

The most realistic way of getting to look slimmer is by actually losing weight!
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