6 best creams for dark and chocolate skin in Nigeria

We already did a post about the top five recommended soaps for dark-skinned Nigerians.

By now you must know how much we advocate for natural dark skin. Dark skin is a top favourite skin colour but to keep your dark or chocolate skin healthy and popping, you must take good care of it.

A major part of caring for your dark skin lies in choosing the best soap and body cream to use. Any wrong move here could cause problems. There are soaps and creams whose chemical ingredients could react with your skin in a bad way to produce undesired results.

Again, every person’s skin type is unique. So it is every individual’s personal responsibility to find out what works best for their skin.

Here are the top 6 recommended body creams for dark and chocolate skin in Nigeria:

6. Vaseline ® Cocoa Butter Deep Conditioning Body Cream

Dark skin has been proven to dry out faster than other skin colour types. This makes moisturizers a big necessity for dark skin. And what better moisturizer for even the toughest dark skin than petroleum jelly – Vaseline’s poster ingredient.

Now try to imagine combining the excellent moisturizing ability of petroleum jelly and all the nourishing goodness of cocoa butter and you will see why Vaseline Cocoa Butter Deep Conditioning Body Cream is recommended for dark skin.

5. NIVEA® Cocoa Butter Body Lotion

Nivea the company has been praised for its steadfast interest in dark-skin-centred products. NIVEA® Cocoa Butter Body Lotion stands out not just for its amazing ingredients but also for its formulation. The product is a rich creamy formula that penetrates deep into the skin, leaving even the driest dark skin effectively moisturized. Another good thing about Nivea Cocoa Butter is that its effects are long-lasting and one application is enough for one day.

4. Aveeno® Daily Moisturizing Lotion

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion is especially recommended for maintaining spots-free dark skin. If your skin is having breakouts of acne, pimples or just dark spots, you might want to try Aveeno. Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion is light in texture and won’t clog pores. The cream has been proven to boast great skin restorative powers.

3. Dove® Nourishing Body Care

I’ve actually spoken to real people that have used this cream in Nigeria and they all spoke well about it. Dove Nourishing Body Care despite containing many top ingredients known to keep skin in good health also remains affordable for the common man to buy. For best results, you should try the Dove® Purely Pampering Shea Butter and Warm Vanilla Nourishing Lotion.

2. Jergens® Shea Butter Deep Conditioning Moisturizer

It is no longer a question that shea butter holds amazing restorative properties for dark skin, including fighting stretch marks. What Jergens has done is harvest this skincare magic of shea and use in a product. Jergens® Shea Butter Deep Conditioning Moisturizer locks in moisture while nourishing, repairing and rejuvenating damaged skin. Whether the problem is dark spots or stretch marks, Jergens® Shea Butter Deep Conditioning Moisturizer will come to the rescue.

1. Palmer’s® Cocoa Butter Cream

Palmer’s® Cocoa Butter Formula Concentrated Cream is made from 100% pure cocoa butter. In fact, you can even perceive the cocoa butter as you rub this cream all over your precious dark skin. Cocoa butter is an excellent skin moisturizer and has been proven to help maintain skin’s elasticity. This singular property has made cocoa butter a great anti-ageing agent.

Regular use of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter will leave your dark skin feeling smooth, soft and wrinkle-free. The product is also rich in vitamin E and natural antioxidants which help fight breakouts.

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157 Comments on “6 best creams for dark and chocolate skin in Nigeria”

      1. Hey guys …Am chocolate in complexion. …Am already using the Palmers cocoa butter formula with my dudu osun black soap …They work wonders when used together. .And for the Palmers, it doesn’t bleach …it has a very nice scent (like chocolate ).

        1. Am new here , please i need cream for my chocolate body and face cream for my oily face to make my face ND body glow out there chocolate colour.

        1. Why do u recommend that particular creams is it good for the body to get darker pls I need help I have scar on my face which I have been hide it since with my formal dark skin but now I was sick recently so I stayed indoors all day now my skin is light now and exposing the scars and I’m very concious about it, can I use petroleum jelly like fressia to darken my skin or maybe stop using soap and cream for some period? Pls reach me on 09026432450 because I won’t be able to read through here again

      1. Please l need help, have changed cream and soap which gave me pimples and rashes all over my body
        Please which of the cream will fut my skin, am chocolate


      1. Am having much spot on my face and am chocolate in colour but I used cream that damge my color making me fair such as coach and fatan what cream should I use for my face ND body and dark spot

    1. I have a chocolate skin and have stretch marks with dark spot
      Please I need a cream and soap for my skin to remove those stretch marks and spots

    1. please am dark and also have a dry and sensitive skin,what cream can i use to glow my skin and it won’t have effect (stretch mark)on me?

    2. Good morning pls I need info on which cream is best for a dark skin person in Nigeria
      Pls reply

        1. Emm, am chocolate in complexion, and am thinking ? of making Use of bleaching cream or the cream mentioned above for chocolate complex….. So the question is which one will be okay between the two, thanks.

  1. which cream can someone use to face and body for chocolate skin that wont later react or cause irritation to the face

  2. I’ve used virtually almost all the cream listed her, but my skin complexion doesn’t Improve. And I’m even tired of buying any more cream. I’m thinking formulation might help me. Can you help me out please?

      1. Please Am New here , I need ceam that suit my color, Am dark in completion Am Kasarachi by name, Thanks

  3. Av use the dove pampering lotion, and it worked well and I went back to the beauty shop but couldn’t, get ire again. Is there any way or anywhere I can get it . Please. Thanks

    1. First of all, which Jergens did you buy. There is Jergens for fair people and others for dark-skinned people. The Jergens recommended in the post is the Jergens Shea Butter and that is what I am currently using.

      Also, make sure you buy your cosmetics from standard malls not roadside shops or street stores or even in public markets. Buy your creams from standard malls.

      1. Please Is it good for your skin?, I mean the “Jergens Shea butter “..cos I’m really in need of a good cream for my chocolate skin? Thanks..

        1. I am chocolate but my face is darker than my body expecially my eye region and I am scared to use just any cream….any cream to recommend

    1. There is Aveeno for dark people and another one for fair people. I think the one listed in the post is for dark people and does not bleach.

  4. Please… Among the products of chocolate creams listed above, which one do you think is very good to go for because i have several ones and it seems not working. So please which one do you think is preferable and good?

  5. Please I have a chocolate skin,I have used a lot of creams and still it is not working even sometimes I get rashies in the face.Please which of these products will help me regain my skin color and free me from the face rashies.

  6. I have a light skin, I have rub bronze it bleach me, I rub miss Cherie fair is darken my skin am tired of all this, infect I no longer rub cream again . Pls someone should tell me the cream that I will buy for light skin that won’t bleach me.

    1. I have chocolate skin, I have tried bronze it bleach from my leg to my ankles start to get fairer. I tried Miss cherry fair is darken me. Pls which cream is best for me for chocolate skin.

    2. Don’t use Bronz tone if you don’t intend to brighten up your skin tone. It’s for people with Bronz/golden skin. Even very fair people can’t use it because those that didn’t reported that they noticed black spottings on their face

  7. I have a chocolate skin but each cream i use makes me fairer, i just started using pears and it made very light. So which cream do you suggest i use?

  8. Pls i need a cream to bring out my real skin I’m chocolate in complexion. And I’ve been struggling to bring out my real color of skin , each product i try makes me fair with so much dark knokles and pimples, dark spot …pls i need ur help guys

  9. I want to b fair
    can I use nivea fairness cream
    because my friend said I will get dark if I use it is it true.
    because I just buy the cream

  10. I have a chocolate skin but there are some dark spot in some area of my skin and I also have stretch marks can anyone recommend a body cream for me please am really in need of it.

  11. Please l need help, have changed cream and soap which gave me pimples and rashes all over my body
    Please which of the cream will fut my skin, am chocolate

  12. Am Black in complexion, and am thinking ? of using bleaching cream, or making use of cream that is being mentioned above……
    So the question is which one should I go for?

  13. Good morning I was using skin beauty collagen it changed the color of my face……. Please I need a cream that I’ll use to make my skin looks dark and chocolate and shining…… Help me out I need solutions now

  14. Have used dove(it will lighten ur body and darkens ur face same with palmer)
    the only cream av used with even skin is jergens and vaseline…
    we all have different skin type tho

  15. Pls I need your help for my skin,,,I want my body to be chocolate and glow pls which best cream can I use for my body

  16. Please I’m chocolate in complexion but whatever cream I used for my face makes me dark and atimes gives me a multicolored face. Please what should I do

  17. I have dark skin and I have try alot of creams
    all they do is to bleach me i have stop rubing cream in other not to make matters worst please I really need help

  18. ? I think I’ll try out the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula, and return with some feedback.

    Thanks for the info ???.

  19. If you are looking for a product that will make you ever young, glow, tone, and natural. Chat me up or call me on 09031784080

  20. Pls am fair but not too fair any cream have been changing cream like crazy either I got bleached from ankle to feet with dark nuckles or became bark when try another cream. My body reacts to Vaseline lotion and ST. Ives it gives me raches. Pls can someone recommend a good body cream and soap that will help me get a perfect, radiant, glowing skin. Am really tired I need answer asap pls

  21. Pls I am dark can u please recommend a very good cream for me because I used Nivea Cocoa butter and even Natural fairness no changes at all to make matters worse someone told me to use Gold Olive and dat one destroyed my body leaving me with ecezma
    Please can u help me out with a Good Soap and cream that won’t spoil my black

  22. Plz i used Nivea coco butter cream but it was giving me (Egusi) on my face so i stopped it
    I was thinking dat mayb it wz becuz I hve oily face

  23. I’m chocolate in complexion but every cream I use is not working or I said I use bronze it’s make me bleach and I use Palmer I did not work and so on some people even said jergens make them bleach pls I need a good advice on which cream I can use that will make my skin look fresh and the price pls reply

  24. My skin reacts to creams so fast have used many cream some say I bleech, now am using Dove well I love the reaction only on my skin but my face is darker and am not used to applying different cream on my face and another on my body I just want the same reaction on my face and body. What should I do

  25. Please what skincare can I use, I’m chocolate but I have a problem with my skin since I was born,I got so many spot and I have a scar on my face,have tried so many cream but none of them was good for my skin.please help a sister.

  26. Please I’ve used lightening cream before because of pimples and black spot which damage my skin it gave me dark knuckles and stretch marks now I’ve stop using cream for the past two weeks but now I need a cream to restore back my complexion,clear my dack knuckles and gradually heals the stretch marks too and please I have much pimples and black spots on my face too. Thanks

  27. I’m using Idole papaya soap and Jergens ultra healing, but I discovered that my body and my leg is fairer , while my face and my feet is very dark. I’m brown in completion, I’m in Abuja and the environment is marking me darker especially my face. Please what can I use for perfect glowing brown skin. Thank you.

    1. P/s am chocolate and I need a cream that will bring out my skin glowing have been using different cream and I have not seen my cream all the 1 I have been using it looks like I don’t use cream but my question is which cream should I be using & it will bring out my skin glowing

  28. Informative article. I sure would bookmark this site for a future visit again. It’s definitely worth every second of my time. Thank you.

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