Video blogger dies after eating live centipedes for traffic

by Staff writer

A China video blogger has died after making a video of himself eating centipedes and geckos.

According to the Daily Mail, the man known as “Sun” live-streamed himself on the video-sharing platform DouYu (China’s equivalent of YouTube) on Thursday.

Aiming to drive traffic, Sun used a wheel spin to choose what to eat from a number of arranged items.

Items on the wheel included beer, vinegar, malt liquor, eggs, mealworms, centipedes, and geckos.

When the mark fell on centipedes and geckos, Sun consumed both alive. He was found dead on Saturday, his computer still on.

His videos have since been removed from DouYu, a Chinese site comparable to YouTube.

Sun had 15,000 followers on the platform, and would appear live on it every night, according to the Daily Mail.

It’s unclear exactly what kind of geckos and centipedes Sun ingested.

Dried or powdered centipedes are used in Chinese traditional medicine. But according to scientists, uncooked specimens may contain a parasite that infects the brain!

The CDC also warns that reptiles, like geckos, can be carriers for salmonella and cautions people to take precautions when handling them.

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