3 tips for Nigerian students going abroad to study

by Staff writer

On the surface, studying abroad looks really fun and straightforward – you pick what you want to study and choose a cool school and start preparing for your travel.

In reality, that’s hardly the case. Behind all those glamorous Instagram pictures and beautiful landscapes is a constant struggle to remain focused.

Choosing to study abroad requires money, time, patience and lots and lots of courage.

Here are the top 3 things every aspiring international student must know:

1. You need money…lot’s of it!

Education is generally expensive. When you choose to get it from a country outside where you live, this cost can easily become doubled or tripled. The tuition of the University of Iowa for some programs costs around 22K dollars per year.

That doesn’t even include room and board expenses. When you add the cost of living to tuition fees, you might be looking at spending close to $40k for each year of your study. This is still excluding visa and travel expenses.

There can be a way around this though. Most foreign schools have well-structured facilities for helping lower the cost of getting an education. Study loans, scholarships and other forms of funding exist to abate the situation.

Most schools also allow international students to work part-time during their studies.

2. Be prepared to adapt…and as fast as possible!

Imagine having your previous educational experiences in Nigeria and then traveling to the UK or Australia for additional studies. On arriving there, you might be led to think that everything is still the same, or at least similar. How wrong you are! As an international student, you need to be quick on your toes in adjusting to the new system.

Everything from the weather, food, and language you are used to might be different. You may need to ask more questions than others and read more side stuff like papers, blogs, and articles about the school and country you are in.

3. Find and join a community

It doesn’t matter if you hate to socialize. No matter how introverted you are, once you arrive in a new country for study, you must make the extra effort to get out and make friends with other students like you.

Joining a close community of other international students will help you get past the culture shock easily and also get you informed on all crucial tips that would help your survival.
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