Sleeping under a fan will worsen your allergies – Experts

Sometimes the weather can get uncomfortably hot that you have no other option than to lay out yourself under the active wings of a working fan.

This is perfectly fine (and healthy) but not if you have allergies. Experts have warned that sleeping under a fan could make your allergies worse.

According to Mark Reddick, writing for The Sleep Advisor, fans can trigger allergies for a number of reasons.

A fan works by moving cool, dry air around the room – and while this can offer short-term relief from the heat – it can also cause the nasal passages, eyes and throat to dry out.

Not only that, but a fan can also circulate any dust and pollen that may have settled in your bedroom – or even on the fan itself when working.

When you switch your fan on, all those hidden particles get swept up and circulated around your room, creating a form of “dust whirlwind.”

For people with serious cases of allergies, sleeping under a working fan all night could cause breathing difficulties, dry eyes and trigger an asthma attack.

This is certainly the kind of trouble no allergy sufferer would want.

Here are better alternatives to staying cool in the night without the need for a fan:

a. Use an air conditioner, set to optimum cooling

b. Sleep naked

c. Leave the windows open

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