6 annoying things Nigerian girls do when they visit their boyfriends

This article was written by Miz Tee, exclusively for DNB Stories!

“Babe, can you come over?” – the reply to this question can make or mar a man’s day.

Sure every man wants his woman around – some dating couples even do the unbelievable and move in together. But there are boundaries to a visit and the fact that you are dating doesn’t totally erase these boundaries.

Of course, some minor acts can be overlooked or forgiven – such as when you leave your box of clothes and jump into his big old office shirt and be looking like a scarecrow in a corn farm in it.

But there are some never-dos when you visit your man and to be honest, Nigerian women often break these rules with reckless abandon.

Here are 6 annoying things Nigerian women do when they visit their boyfriends that need to be stopped:

6. Re-arranging his things without his consent

Leave the big box beside the wardrobe there – he uses it to reach to the top of the cabinet. Because your brothers are all tall, you don’t know how hard life is for your short boyfriend.

The thing is – when you visit him, do as much as you can to not redesign his apartment. I know it is not easy, knowing how disorganized some guys can be – I have been there many times. But you should hold yourself from making major changes to his decor without his consent. Before you go and throw away something his life depends on.

5. Seizing the remote

He likes sports – you don’t. I understand but don’t keep forcing him to watch Zee World with you – it’s selfish. He doesn’t have to keep missing his games because you are around. Find a schedule that works so the remote rights are shared fairly and equally.

4. “Mothering” him around

He already has one and your job is not to replace her. He is a full-grown adult just like yourself (if he is not he won’t be dating you) so treat him like one. You can tell him things you don’t agree with but let him be involved in the decision making. Don’t let your calling him “baby” fool you into thinking he is one. That boy done old.

3. Calling your ex in his presence

I know how nice it is to have an ex you have managed to stay in talking terms with – rarely happens in Nigeria – but still, the best period to be calling and laughing with him on the phone is not during a visit to your man. Don’t wait till he complains – do the right thing. Not just your ex, any other guy with questionable interests too. I know sometimes we feel that need to get him a little jealous or let him know there are other men desiring you, but don’t be playing with someone’s emotions.

2. Bringing friends over without his consent

Some girls actually do this. Some men do not mind but many do. The respectful thing to do is let him know beforehand that you are expecting a visitor. It’s still his apartment and not yours. If he disapproves of your visitor coming, you should understand and not take it against him.

1. Messing up his apartment

There are neat men who don’t joke with the proper organization of things. If you are dating one, you have to be mindful of the things you do. Clean up any mess you made without being told and do not clutter his apartment with your things.


What other annoying things do you think Nigerian girlfriends do when they visit their man’s house?

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