Complete list of Nigerian biggest DJs

Ten or fifteen years ago, nobody thought the work of DJs could get so prominent as to become a person’s full-time career today – a high-paying one at that. Most DJs of that period usually perform on the side – djing was the perfect side hustle of upcoming musicians in the 90s and early 2000s. All that has changed now and the number of popular and highly successful DJs we have in Nigeria today has continued to increase.

The work of DJs has changed over the years and the career is now so much more than burying your ears in gigantic headphones and spinning turntables while wearing a hoodie. DJ work has gone more technical in recent years and modern DJs have to put in extra work to stand out.

With more visibility for the career comes more competition. To stay on top of your game as a Nigerian DJ, mad technical skills and creativity are needed. Knowledge in software tools like Audacity, Audition, Pro Tools, etc. that allow DJs to mix, remix and produce their own music is a crucial aspect of DJ work today as well as the stamina and energy to get people pumped.

Other top skills and qualities needed to stand out as a DJ this period include:

  • Talent for mixing music
  • Ability to interact well with strangers
  • Good social and networking skills
  • Good personal branding and PR skills
  • Love for learning new stuff
  • Knowledge of social media
  • Hosting and emcee skills
  • Undivided passion and interest in music

Here is the full list of the biggest DJs we have in Nigeria today:

1. DJ Spinall

2. DJ Xclusive

3. DJ Cuppy

4. DJ Jimmy Jatt

5. DJ Lambo

6. DJ Nana

7. DJ Big N

8. DJ Bally

9. DJ Masterkraft

10. DJ Abass

11. DJ Neptune

12. DJ Kiddominant

13. DJ Do2tun

14. DJ Switch

15. DJ Consequence

16. DJ Obi

17. DJ Caise

18. DJ Enimoney

19. DJ Frizzie

20. DJ Sose

21. DJ Sparrow

22. DJ Spicey

23. DJ Kaywise

24. DJ Lawy

25. DJ YK Beat


If you think we missed anyone, please drop a comment.

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  1. Hello Dnbstories, I didn’t find DJ Dcozy on the list and I know his a good DJ, try updating his biography and add “DJ Dcozy” to the top list ,


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